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Angel Prince of Barkness & Angel Booker

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Both Prince and Booker are rescue dogs. Prince was left on his own in Idaho when his owners divorced. I learned of him through a friend who asked if I would take him. He couldn't stand to see him with no food or shelter. Booker had been severly abused. It took a few months before he was healthy enough for adoption. I'm so glad I waited, he became my best friend for 9 years. Prince and Booker are a lot alike. Prince wears Booker's collar:) These animals are trusting and loving after such abuse at the hands of humans. They are both big sweeties! July 16, 2010 Prince crossed over the rainbow bridge. I miss him and look to all the angel dogs to take care of him. Thank you my friends, for your kind words and prayers. You are an amazing group of dogs & people. Love to all, Mom Joey Thank you to everyone who supported Prince, and Angel Booker for DOTD, and to team DOTD. Special thanks to Melian's Mom for my very cool avatar. Huge thanks goes to Oscar & Luka's Mom for the wonderful painting of the Angel Crew. You can see a pic at the bottom of our page. ***Please go over to HC and leave a vote for Pixie Dust #101958 Her owner left this earth in May 2011 and Pixie dust crossed the Rainbow Bridge in Feb 2012. Joanna was bedridden for some years, however none of us on HC had any idea she was so ill. She was always positive and you could tell she was smiling when you read her blog. She was a supporter of the animal rescue web site. something she and I shared:)

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10/19/2013 12:00:00 AM

Angel Boys

Leaving votes for Angel Chiba and the Pack

Come visit me, Angel Lawanna - 5/2/05-1/28/15, Angel Manatee RIP 4/9/2013, Angel Rocky 10/5/03-1/13/14, My Angel Chiba-I love Angel Balto XXXOOO

5/10/2012 6:10:08 AM

Another BEAUTIFUL Adventure!

WELL done 2 ur momma!!!We r terribe at dates,but do remember Booker had DC anniversary in April.Happy belated Anniversary big guy!!!!!Love ya'll,Abby and the boys

Come visit me, Angel Balto I L ♥ ve Angel Chiba, Angel's Oscar and Luka

5/4/2012 5:16:03 PM

Wow!!! Thank you so so much for so often stopping by Tiny's page with your votes. She's almost at 19,000! Just 5 left till she reaches her next milestone. I'm looking forward to her reaching 20,000 votes. That will be 20,000 times that she's been remembered here on DC and loved by so many friends. Thank you for your friendship. Leaving a vote of appreciation. P.S. We posted a video of Acorn on the SAC this weekend. It's our very first Acorn video! It's called Acorn's Antics and it's easy to find. Just go to and click on videos. It's on the very first page. I hope you enjoy it! She was a real character and it really shows in these action packed 2 minutes. PPS You outdid yourself with Joanna's angel adventures! We want more!

Come visit me, Adored 4, Ember, Melian (In Loving Memory), Tiny (Forever in my heart)

5/2/2012 12:39:39 AM

Hoe Beautiful!

Mommy's eyes are leaking! Thank you that is so beautiful! Love ya!

Come visit me, Alabama Gang/Accepting DOTM in honor of Poochie & Skipper/DC please don't go!!, Guardian Angels/This month honoring Angel JD

4/25/2012 8:36:24 PM

Hi Angel Prince, Angel Booker and pretty Sally!

Thank you so much to your mommy for writing that pretty and touching Angel Adventue about Joanna and her Pixie Dust! I hear that she loved watching Dancing with the Stars and I know she is the pretties Angel up in Heaven dancing! Glad that you and Booker were there to greet her!! Love you Prince and Booker! KANE

Come visit me, Kane † Virginia King †

4/25/2012 8:21:30 AM

Thanks to everyone for voting for Pixie Dust

Angel Adventure….Dancing with the Stars Since Pixie Dust crossed the Rainbow Bridge in February she has been working on a surprise for her Momma. Fortunately Pixie met Oscar & Booker when she first arrived at the bridge. These two Angel dogs are able to get anything and fill any request. Pixie was telling Oscar how she would be allowed into the house to visit Joanna. Many times Pixie stood by Joanna’s bed and they watched Dancing with the stars together. “Will you guys help me find a way for my Momma to dance like they do on TV” asked Pixie Dust. Of course we will replied Booker. We still have the ballroom set up from the Valentines ball. Leave it to us Pixie; you go get your Momma. Meanwhile Booker & Oscar called in Tiny, Samson, Ruff, Prince, Balto, Romeo, & Luka to help get everything ready. Brandy, Tay, PF, Princess Shawnie, & Sugar Babe are getting ready over at Rose & Sugar’s cloud. They want to look their best for the big event. Pixie asked HT, Lightning, Junior, & Navajo if they would pull the horse drawn carriage and bring Joanna to the dance. It will be our honor said HT. Pixie Dust could hardly contain her excitement when the carriage pulled up to her cloud. Come on Momma said Pixie. Where are we going asked Joanna? You’ll see….. HT and the Angel boys stopped the carriage and Joanna stepped out to see a beautiful ball room and stage set up. The angel dogs are scurrying around putting the finishing touches on the stage. Pixie Dust walked in with Joanna. Oscar, Booker, and the other angles hovered behind them. The music started to play and out of nowhere stepped Joanna’s Prince Charming who took her hand and off they went, gracefully sweeping across the dance floor. Joanna’s favorite dance is the waltz and she performed it beautifully. Just then Pixie said, Momma look….. Flying together holding hooves & paws the angel horses and dogs make a perfect heart flying over Joanna & Pixie Dust. In the center of the heart Angels Tiny, Brandy, and Tay each have a basket of flowers. They toss the flowers and surround Joanna & Pixie. Joanna & Pixie step through the flowers to be joined by the Angel Dogs and horses. They all danced until dawn. Dance as often as you like dear Joanna. We love you, miss you, and will never forget our friend

Come visit me, Angel Prince of Barkness & Angel Booker, Sally Loves Biggie Smalls:)

4/24/2012 5:53:10 PM

Quick vote from Tiny

Come visit me, Adored 4, Ember, Melian (In Loving Memory), Tiny (Forever in my heart)

4/3/2012 1:01:18 AM

You, Tiny, Joanna, Pixie Dust, and so many others are always in our hearts. Please support Pixie Dust HC 101958 for her run for hotm! Leaving a vote for you from Tiny.

Come visit me, Adored 4, Ember, Melian (In Loving Memory), Tiny (Forever in my heart)

4/1/2012 8:03:55 PM

Tribute Angel Monday ADOTD -:¦:- March 26th

. Angel of Our Heart -:¦:- Angel Miss Prissy 197094 Vote Angel Miss Prissie 197094 ADOTD 3/26/12! My name is Angel Miss Prissie 197094. My life on Earth was less than a year and I'm a little Angel But I have a big heart! My siblings are Dakota Blue, Athena Rae and Raze. Please vote me ADOTD on Angel Monday 3/26/12!I watch over you. Love ya Angel kisses! . °• •°• •°• •°• •°• •° Happy Birthday to: Mya's Mom, Cyndie, 18554 •° Riley 39863 •° Mystique 177549 °• •°• •°• •°• •°• •° . ``For he shall give his angels charge over thee to keep thee, in all thy ways.`` Psalm 91:11 . DOTM RUNNERS APPRECIATE DAILY VOTES: Fiona the Fearless: 11593 Moose Mooko: 162309 . COTM: Sammy 93915 BOTD: Peatree 199322 HOTM: Royal Mes 220108 . TEAM DOTD NEWS •°• MONDAY •°• MARCH 26, 2012

Come visit me, ~*♥*~ Our Sweet Baby Girl `LiL Sissy `†` Angel Taylonnie `†` {10/10/08~9/5/11} ~*♥*~ ~♥~Congratulations ANGEL SCOOBY, Winning Angel DOTD~n~DOTM ~4~ JULY~♥~, Misha ~Little Bear~ ~*~♥~*~Congratulations ANGEL SCOOBY, Winning DOTD ~n~ Angel DOTM ~4~ JULY~*~♥~*~, Tiffany ♥ Bandit ~*~♥~*~Congratulations ANGEL SCOOBY, Winning DOTD ~n~ Angel DOTM ~4~ JULY~*~♥~*~

3/25/2012 10:53:54 PM

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