Brandy R.I.P. 2000-2009

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Brandy R.I.P. 2000-2009

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i moved with my dad and he already had her and her sister and i immeadiatly fell in love with her! :)

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6/2/2010 2:37:09 PM

Angel Brandy

I would think Shadow likes water. He is a labby, isnt he? Mom went to the lake to swim on Thursday. We dont like water so we didnt go.

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5/29/2010 6:52:15 AM

Good Morning! About 8 o'clock over here. Mom woke up at 6 o'clock. Said she just couldnt sleep. Now that she is on summer break you think she would be sleeping.. nope. She's up at 6 in the morning. But the good part is that she got breakfast and didnt sleep in until lunchtime. Ugh.. being an outdoor dog is fun, but in the summer it gets so hot. Mom says that it is the same temp inside... last year the a/c broke. Not fun. So the put in one window a/c and that keept pretty much the whole house cool. For winter they took that window a/c out and havn't gotten it back in for the summer. So it is the same temp inside as it is outside. Mom says that if it gets to hot inside she will just go swimming at the pool. She said she would take us to the lake if we liked water. But I dont like much water.. only for drinking and dipping my paws in when it gets really really hot. Bark back soon. The Kansas "Krew"

Come visit me, Raz ♥ 61257 ♥, Rooti ♥ In Loving Memory ♥

5/27/2010 6:20:24 AM

A Blog From The Kansas "Krew": TORNADOS- NOT OVER YET Mom was inside all day, but we were outside, so we knew way before she did... the humidity. It was crazy hot and humid. About 3:30 o'clock she was listening to the radio in the car. She heard, "Bleeep, Tornado warning for Reno Co., Harvey Co., Segwick Co..." The list continued. Now knowing we were in a tornado warning she speed the car up just a bit. She called our Animal Shelter to tell them that she wouldnt make it to see Dingo today, but found out that he is already in foster care (Yipee!) Being about thirty min away from the house she was thinking about us dogs. We were still outside, staring at those scary funnel clouds. When she finnaly got home she put us inside. She sat watching TV. Everything was coming towards us. There were tons of funnel clouds around our town. Bunches of tornado touchdowns around our county. Then at about 5:00 all the tornado warnings, exept for 1 got cancled. Mom thanked the Loard, again. Like we said, he works wonders † ♥ †

Come visit me, Raz ♥ 61257 ♥, Rooti ♥ In Loving Memory ♥

5/13/2010 3:39:07 PM

Oh my did we have a spook today. This morning the weather man said there will possibly be tornados from 2-4. He was right. Right now as I type it is 6:35 and I thank the loard that the sun is shining. Tornados surounded us. The county we are in is very small and there were tornado warnings all around us. Tornados to. On the TV for about 30 min straight they were updating us on new tornados, all pretty close to us. They said, go to a safe spot, this storm is very dangerous, and so on. When Mom came home from her daily trips she was right in the middle of it all. I was throwing a fit in my kennel so she let me out and we sat at the screen door watching the storm roll by. The radio mentioned all the tornados too. We sat and watched praying, Mom had the basement prepared. She pulled out the DF magazine and started reading to us. We watched a few scary clouds roll by and that was it. The sun followed. Mom let us go outside and the said her thanks to God. Now I am sitting on the wet picnic table with my head up in the sun. But who knows when more clouds might roll by. It is light now but it looks like there are still some of those big full clouds still headed our way. Please pray! Thanks for all the prayers on DC, and I know our internet is not working good and we are trying to get back to blogs.. I will blog every day, so if you want to know what is going on just stop by my page and look for the most recent blog from me. Thank you! ♣ Rooti ♣ • DON'T FORGET TO VOTE ROOTI IN BIGGEST FEET VDS • ALSO VOTE GOLDIE IN BEST SMILE VDS

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5/10/2010 6:30:13 PM

-:l:- The Vet -:l:-

Mom liked the vet we went to! He spelled my name Rooty, Mom says she doesnt care, it still makes the sound "roo-tee" BOL. Mom is a pretty easy going person. The vet is a country vet. I liked him because he just gave me that shot and then we went. It was reasonably priced too! The shot is suppose to last 3 years, but the city makes us get that shot every year. Grrr... cities. Thanks for stopping by with my DOTM vote. We are trying to get to voting in the contests, but sometimes our computer runs really slow and we only get a few votes on the contest in. = ( But we will try to keep them coming for the dogs that are entered! Thanks once again! † ♥ † Rooti † ♥ †

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4/13/2010 4:37:58 PM

I am so happy we learned how to walk on a leash together, now we get more walks because it takes less time! We all gotta go to the vet tomorrow, Ma says its a different one, GOOD! Mom and I did not like that other one to much, he made Mom heartworm test when we had been on the pill and look perfectly fine. They cost lots of money also. Dingo had training today, he doesnt like the head halter much but he is getting the hang of it! Keep your paws crossed... Mom also has a friend thats dog got bit by a rattle snake, please pray... Rooti

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4/12/2010 5:56:27 PM

Sorry for the c/p... First, if you dont know me and are just stopping by to vote me I am Rooti 56964. Hope we can become the best of friends. I am turning 10 on Easter and am running for DOTD on the 3rd. I am also running for DOTM in April. Thanks for stopping by with a vote for the first of April! I feel like I havnt gotten very many so please tell your friends to vote me. VOTE ROOTI 54964 DOTM April Hound Hugs and Slobbers, Rooti GO ORANGE !VOTE ROOTI 56964 DOTM April!

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4/1/2010 2:19:33 PM

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