Angel Harley, Well as most of you know, I got my Angel Wings. I'm watching over my Girl Sheba from above, and now can see her pretty face and her playing. Thanks Sheba Honey, for vote #20,800!

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Well, I've got more work to do! Seems that poor Honey is really scared of thunder and lightning! So I have to see if I can help her overcome that from up here! Also more Angel Dust for the return of Mo to his barn! He's been gone 5 days now, no sight of him around the farm at all! Mom's worried about that little stinker! Labby Hugs & Licks, Harley.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: WOW I got to be off leash again in the barn last night and this morning! I do follow mom into the hay stall, that's where Mo used to hang out, I smell his scent in there. And mom caught me in Paige's stall with her when she was dumping Paige's grain. She told me Harley used to always do that too! That Paige loves dogs! Well, we got that darn thunderstorm yesterday! Mom was working Paige in the indoor when it started. She had to cool her down and put her in the barn before she could get to the house and check on me. Well it wasn't good, I was a nervous wreck when mom got upstairs. Shaking out of my fur and panting a mile a minute! Mom got my ThunderShirt right away for me. And guess what, it worked, but it's also very tight now that I put 5 lbs on! Mom's going to hope to win some money at the horse show this weekend and but me a bigger size! I need a bigger one for sure! But that one will work in an emergency for now, and mom laid on the bed with me till I completely calmed down. Then I went to the barn with her while she worked Indy and then I got to watch mom trim Bullseye's hooves! That's a job, not like cutting my nails for sure! BOL! Well, we're leaving bright an early Thursday morning for the horse show. So I'll be back on DC come Monday! Labby Wiggle Butts, Honey.


Angel Harley,   Well as most of you know, I got my Angel Wings.  I'm watching over my Girl Sheba from above, and now can see her pretty face and her playing.  Thanks Sheba Honey, for vote #20,800!

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The day I lost my beloved Teddy Bear, I got a call from the resue and Harley came to me a 4 hours later.

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10/19/2013 12:00:00 AM

Hi Harley!

Running by quickly, we have a little over 10 minutes before DC goes down! Guess we'll see you all on the "new" DC in a couple hours. Left a vote. *hugs* Muffin, Brandon and Peanut

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6/4/2012 9:56:10 AM

Hi Harley

Sounds like you have the weather we had for 2 weeks. Keep it! We have finally got nice weather again. Mom took us out last night &groomed us all. Then we all played ball. I got a bad case of the zooms so I Chased Ruger around the backyard for awhile. Mom just stood there and laughed. She knew we were only playing. Rugwer actually kept going for quiet awhile. I stopped to far for a little girl to run. Momis setting up their pool today. I don't like it. Don't think Mom will put me in it since she just gave me a bath.

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6/4/2012 7:55:06 AM

Thank you so much for voting :)

Thank you so much! I might only have 66 but I'll keep reaching for 100. I'm so glad and this is such a surprise! I love DogChannel so much I have tons of people praying and voting it's really happy for me! Well I just wanna say thanks and still keep voting :) Cuss I'll always vote back ♥ Charlie

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6/4/2012 6:15:46 AM

Hi Harley

Paige is really a beautiful horse. I bet your mom is so happy to have her. How exciting. I hope you got lots of outside time. I did. It was so much fun to run and roll in the grass. Mom says I get to stay out more because I'm growing. It's turning cold tonight. We might get snow by Tuesday. No one can believe that. If that happens mom will take lots of pictures. Hope your having sweet dreams tonight. Golden Kisses, Khaleesi

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6/3/2012 10:42:46 PM


is that Paige? wow she is pretty. How are you this Sunday? Hope you have had an awesome weekend. How is your weather? we had a wonderful day weatherwise yesterday. Today is a bit hotter though. we really need some rain so hopefully that will happen. We are all doing fine here. opa has his last day of work on Tuesday. And Saturday he went to his old work, the air national guard. They are closing the base down. So they had a last flyover. It was sad. Me, oma and mom saw it from here. we had just gotten back from doing a few errands. Mom says she is going to miss those C-130s jugging over. I went to the library park yesterday and the day before so that was nice. Mom has been way behind on everything as usual. Nothing I do has helped that. so you will hopefully forgive us if we are hit and miss again. and then this month is oma and opa’s birthday. The kids(mom and her siblings) are giving them a laptop. And mom has been chosen to teach them how to use it. they have never, ever used a computer. It is going to be an adventure that is for sure. wish mom luck and tons of patience. Baby Louie is doing well and being silly. Connie is doing well with her pacemaker in. her sis came in from CO for the weekend so mom has been busy with that too. but the good news is she did grill steaks last night. She made a ton so there was plenty for all us pups. Here is some yummy grilled steak for you. wishing you a super Sunday and a terrific tomorrow. love, hugs, prayers, puppy slobbers and magical yorkie kisses, Rufus, momma Kay and Baby Louie too


6/3/2012 6:30:08 PM

Hello Harley

Hi! Here is a quick vote and C/P message, mom has been busy with graduation parties and graduations. Thanks for your visits and help toward my horse bro Quincy's (HC ' 157076) goal, means so much to mom and him :) • Thank you so much Marion & Harley :) I had a lot of fun this weekend. I finally got to go outside and soak up some sun with Gpa yesterday. I also got to play frisbee, and go on a walk with both Gma & Gpa. Its nice here, no so much ran so far this June. It just looks muggy and the humidity has been going crazy!! Its been weird. Mom was out celebrating and with friends. Today is mom's church graduation, a total of about 15 graduating kids, not that bad. But, next weekend mom has to go to her cousins graduation, with is 300 people and the first letter of her last name is..W. So glad I don't have to go, its boring, so I have heard LOL! But mom is truly proud of all the kids graduating!! Love you so much! Have a nice rest of this Sunday. How have you been? How is your weather? I hope well. I am always thinking of you every single minute of each day. Sometimes I take a break to play frisbee, but then I remember YOU right when I am finished Bol! Have a nice rest of this Sunday my unforgettable friends :) xoxo_SB

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6/3/2012 4:27:57 PM

Hi Harley!

Hope you are having a nice weekend. We aren't feeling too good today. Mom has no idea why, but first Brandon was puking, then Peanut, and then Muffin. We're taking it easy today so hopefully no more sick dogs! Left a vote. *hugs* Muffin, Brandon, and Peanut

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6/3/2012 4:26:39 PM

Hi Harley,

We are impressed with the huge amount of votes that you have! Here's one more to add to your collection! Have you won any good prizes from the Dog Channel with your votes?

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6/3/2012 4:15:07 PM

Hi Harley

We had that super cold weather for at least 4 days. Now it's just the oppisite, Not so much the temps as the humidty from the early morning rain we got. Mom & our boy got the plastic put under the deck this afternoon. Mom just about melted in the sun. I tell you that woman is getting soft. Now all they need is some rock to [pour on it. That will be Dads job,bol.

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6/3/2012 2:53:09 PM

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