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I went looking in the newspaper for chi's and found this lady not far from me. she has bred them for 8 years. so called her and went and looked for a playmate for macho.could not decide, she kept putting him in my hands. he is so small i think he is the runt of the bunch abd she knew he would get a super home.

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10/19/2013 12:00:00 AM


Hi Chiquito! I wish I could go to Texas, but i dont like Plane crates too much. I think that they're a bit frightening, esp. since my mommy and "brother" Joey wont be there wth me.

Come visit me, Joey, Suzie

8/9/2011 2:37:16 PM


Mom got Chewy one of those,it suppose to keep him from pulling but he still pulls but at least he isn't hurting his throat when he pulls. Mom got me one of thos harness that hooks on top and you step into them. She had heard about not using neck collars on us little dogs and since chewy slipped out of his collar and almost got hit when she first got him she always uses a harness for us. Luv Molly

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6/20/2011 2:27:51 AM

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6/1/2011 1:00:50 PM

To all my friends

wanted to say we have not forgotten you. we have made so many friends, we have had some changes in out life and been busy, we are back now and will try to keep caught up on here. we missed our friends. We have moved and mommys job has changed. it is just mommy and us two chihuahua's. we had a rather cold winter which we do not like, it is hot right now, in the AC we do not like it, we get cold no matter if not real cold. Chiquito has not grown, still very small. Hope all the holidays have been good for you and you have a wonderful summer. Please come again, we love to hear from you all. sorry we been not here often. this is for macho and chiquito Their mom paula

Come visit me, Chiquito, Macho

5/20/2011 2:28:53 PM

.·::SWT SaTuRdAy SURPRISE ~DoTd~ 3~26::·.

. Pepe 23905 `` Shh! SuRpRiSe DoTd Mom's B'day 3/27 . DC, IT'S SATURDAY.·::·. Let's get into the Pawty Mode, for PePe aka ``Pepe Le Pew `` our Chihuahua fur friend from Sykesville, MD .·::·. on DC since May 8, 2007. The best PePe's.·::·. Mom is celebrating her Birthday on March 27 -SuRpRise Winning DoTd `B'day Present` 4 SuNdAy!! While you are on PePe's page a bark-out to sibling Sparky. Make sure you silently tippy-paw over to PePe's page as PePe may be looking out his front living.·::·.room window. Just may see PePe running on his front 2 legs with is back end up in the air (bol) that's our Walnut, Squarepants for You !! Paws Up !! SuRpRise DoTd Vote, Sat. 3/26th !! .·::·.PePe 23905 . Happy Birthday to: Riley 39863, Mya's Mom, Cyndie, 18554, Mystique 177549, Carmel 44464 (Please keep Carmel's Mom in Prayer-Off-Line, due to illness) . ``Tucked away in his miniature body, in the canine world, he's `all dog` full of vigorous life and zest. How his coat bristles with courage untold! Prime entertainer for owner or friend; easily trained, a superb little show-man, loyal companion, top-toy of the day; treasured by those who are lucky to own.`` . MARCH DOTM CANDIDATES: .MOOSE MOOCO 162309 All About Pets .Chispita 123763 Springs Arrival .Clovis 147609 . CatOTM: Sheba 78518 . HOTM: Kootenai #161648 . BOTM: Spirit Cloude #144812 . CritterOTM: TOBI 161148 . TeamDotd News, Saturday, 3\26/11

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3/26/2011 6:36:07 AM

Vote 374!

Our fourth update! The puppies are walking, barking, crying and howling! Only thing is, they still can't hear yet. But that should be happening soon. We're happy to announce that they are all now quadruple their size from birth! Momma's favorite happens to be Topaz, now. She's most calm/submissive one. Not to mention a little fatso. Momma is dreaming of the day they all start running like lunatics. Hah! So Momma bought this thing called Linatone. And it's to help us with our shedding. Let's see how that works out... I know we keep saying we're going to upload pictures. But the thing is, we have so many blogs to get to, we never have the time! However, being that today is Saturday, we've got almost all day to do that. So we will. It's a nice day out today. But still not warm enough for baths for us all. So that has to wait. Thank DOG. Bol! Love, Onyx.

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3/12/2011 9:30:02 AM


Here is a vote..Love your hat..

Come visit me, Carlos, Daisy, Joey

3/8/2011 3:40:20 PM

Vote 369!

Another puppy update! As most of you may know by now, Onyx had eight puppies February 24th and one puppy February 25th. There are nine all together. Six of them are black/white. Two of them are a light beige/white. And one of them is a brown brindle/white. In the group, there are six girls and three boys. Thursday (March 3rd) made them a week old. None of them can see or hear yet. But they're gaining much more strength and are almost starting to stand. Momma's got tons of pictures of them. Group pictures. No single ones yet. They're too helpless and Onyx is too protective of them! So we're going to wait a little more. Since there are nine, Onyx isn't fully able to care for all of them. So Momma takes two of them with her everyday with her and bottle feeds them and does everything else she has to do in order to care for them. They're all so big already. They all literally doubled in size since they were born. It's unbelievable! They're far more bigger than Momma expected. All in all, they're very healthy. And there is one puppy that looks a lot like Gambit (157327). So Momma calls him Gambo. Hah. He was the one born on the 25th. The oddball out. Momma was going to bring Domino to Brooklyn today to see her Grandpa (the one that bought Domino for her), but she changed her mind because it would have taken a lot of time out from her day and she had a lot of errands to run. So she'll be bringing him on Monday to see her Grandpa. Momma's also looking for a new car. A really cool one. One that'll make her and us look cool as she's driving down the highway. Bol! Let's cross our paws so she'll get it! Momma also spent a lot of time out in Twinky's grave yesterday. She did a whole lot of crying and when she came inside we all engulfed her with kisses and "hugs". Momma smiled and hugged us back, but we knew she was still sad. She says it still amazes her to this day that us dogs can understand our feelings and emotions. So... Momma fell in love. Yep! She definitely did! She was at BJ's with her friend running some errands and she picked up a National Geographic magazine. It had the cutest Fox on the cover. And as Momma was reading, she read about a lady that lives in Siberia who breeds Foxes to be as domesticated as us dogs. She was also reading about how they're exactly like us dogs! Pfft! Yeah right! A FOX being like a DOG!? No way, bub! Impossible! They're not wanted here, but Momma says she just might get one in the future when she has her own place. Hm... Let's see how that works out! Okay. So I think this blog is long enough. Gotta get running cuz it's almost time to feed the puppies! Bark soon! Love, Molly. Ps. Sorry I can't blog much right now, or personally at that. We've got lots of blogs to do and lots of things to get to! Bark soon!

Come visit me, ♣ PROMISE ¥, † THE ANGELS †, ♦ ONYX and DOMINO ♥, Photo Edits. *Please see motto & education!*, View Domino's Pictures Here!, View Gotti's Pictures Here!

3/5/2011 10:31:56 AM

I hope you are feeling better today. You must be very tiny. Mom was tempted to get me a lil brother who was very tiny like you but g'pa said he would rather have another poodle like me to hang with, hehe!! Feel better soon. Hugs,

Come visit me, Belle & Gracie

2/25/2011 2:07:29 PM

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