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Yikes! Mom says they are bringing home a new kitten next weekend! HELP! I don't like cats!!



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Fell in love with him at a friends house. My 16-yr old daughter talked to the breeder about buying him, but he'd already been promised. When the people who were going to take him backed out at the last minute our breeder, Lori, called us to see if we were still interested.

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10/19/2013 12:00:00 AM

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As all of us who are adoptive parents of rescued pets know, these sweet creatures, by and large, come from less than ideal circumstances. Many are abandoned,abused,ignored and/or used and then tossed aside when they no longer serve the purpose for which they were "obtained". All they want is to have good food, a warm place to lay their heads and to be loved as any sentient being has a right to be. In return, they love unconditionally and totally. When we leave their presence for any length of time, they happily greet us with doggy tail wags and kisses, kitty purrs and rubs, parrot screams of greeting-however they express their joy. For a short time, we reap the benefits of love, joy and rapture for little effort on our part. To them, we are the sun, moon and stars-and an occasional treat! To us, they are the joy of our lives, and sometimes they are the reason we can get up and function in this upside-down world. I think we get more from them than they'll ever know. Chiba came to us from an unknown past...we think she was a throw-away mom. She fit in nicely with Rocky, who was also from an unknown past,and she adopted us all as her family. The two who came after her were likewise adopted by Chiba, who became their mom. She kept everyone in line and then lay back to watch them all. She has never been one to complain and would accept almost anything. When this terrible cancer began to grow inside her, she didn't let on that she was uncomfortable. She stoically carried on:even though her little girl started to challenge her place in the pack, she would put her in her place, sometimes with our help. Now, as her face gets thinner and her little body is getting weaker, she never complains. There are no whimpers or growls, only charm and grace, and bravery worthy of any warrior princess. She eats, drinks and rests. She wants to take her walks, which have to be abbreviated because of her weakness. She can't understand why she can't take me around the school field and then for blocks-I watch her breathing and her gait and turn for home at shorter and shorter distances. With the oppressive heat we've had, walks are fewer and shorter. Some days, she is confused and doesn't seem to remember what we were going to do. She looks up, then back and forth, and then turns back towards the house. She has good days and not so good days(today). We pray for more good days. We know she'll let us know when she's ready to leave us. I hope we recognize her signs. We'll hate to say good-bye to our friend,our companion,our princess. Thank you all for your care and friendship. Although we've been absent from these pages, you've always been in our hearts. We'll let you know how things are when we can. Love, Pack-Mom

Come visit me, Angel Lawanna - 5/2/05-1/28/15, Angel Manatee RIP 4/9/2013, Angel Rocky 10/5/03-1/13/14, My Angel Chiba-I love Angel Balto XXXOOO

7/15/2010 2:08:14 PM

Hi, Prince

We are all so sorry that we've been away from the site, but first I was sick and now we find out that Chiba has lymphoma. She has been very lethargic and has had a worsening swelling in her neck which was inhibiting her breathing. After confirmation from the vet and much crying (mine), we've decided to try prednisone to help her live comfortably. So far, in one day, she's breathing a little easier, eating better and has more energy. We all love her so much and pray that she'll be with us for a while longer. I'll try to keep you all posted on her progress. love, Pack Mom PS - voted for you!

Come visit me, Angel Lawanna - 5/2/05-1/28/15, Angel Manatee RIP 4/9/2013, Angel Rocky 10/5/03-1/13/14, My Angel Chiba-I love Angel Balto XXXOOO

6/18/2010 4:09:50 PM

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6/2/2010 2:37:09 PM

Think Sweet Candy Sugar #153190 DOTD THURS 5/6

You got it, Sweet Candy Sugar #153190 is running for DOTD Thursday May 6th ~ Now think SURPRISE ~ SURPRISE! . Silent Voting Only ~ Save those kind blogs to congratulate Sweet Candy Sugar! . They call me The Blonde and I can tell you Blonde's really do “have more fun”! I am having a great time playing everyday. You see as the “pup” in the family, it is my responsibility to make sure everyone enjoys playtime! It is a tough job, but someone has to do it. Be sure to “bark on by” on Thursday May 6th for a Play Date, I just love Play Dates! I will share all of my toys with you. Vote Dotd Thursday, May 6th ~*~ Candy Sugar #153190 . And please remember to DOTM Vote for Dusty #23848 DOTM for May!!! Happy Birthday: Tootsie 6392 Dizzy's Mom 31869 Trixie's Dad 39470 Bully 138648

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good to hear from you! Thank you so much for visiting Angel Booker's page and supporting him in his DOTD run. I appreciate all of you on the DC. Happy Barking

Come visit me, Angel Prince of Barkness & Angel Booker, Sally Loves Biggie Smalls:)

5/3/2010 1:44:38 PM

Vote Angel Booker 5/3 DOTD

Hi! My name is Angel Booker! I am an Australian Shepherd from Logan, UT.My nicknames were:Booker Bear, Booker 101 My birthday is July 4th.I could high 5 and my favorite tricks and treats were:I could give paw for a treat. Bark at the birds:) There usually weren't any birds but if you pointed up and told me to get the birds I would bark like crazy.. and milkbones.Favorite hangout:anywhere I was.I loved Lamb & rice dog food.My pet peeve was Mandy getting more attention than me!My owner loved me unconditionally! My hobby was laying in the sun out in the pasture..My motto in life was:When the world tells you to "give up"....Hope whispers "try one more time". Putting it short: I was a good dog who is missed very much and I'm running for DOTD tomorrow May 3rd on Angel Monday because I'm now a guardian angel for my family and DC! Please Vote Angel Booker #174467. Thanks and Angel kisses!!

Come visit me, Alabama Gang/Accepting DOTM in honor of Poochie & Skipper/DC please don't go!!, Guardian Angels/This month honoring Angel JD

5/2/2010 5:32:58 PM

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