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Our family wanted to buy a small dog because we had never had one before. So we went to the breeder and there were a bunch of pups. We even thought we had found the one until this monster came into the picture. He was so energetic and lovable we just had to get him. Ever since then we have been sooo in love with him and he loves us.

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10/19/2013 12:00:00 AM

3/31/2012 3:47:19 PM

Happy Valentine's Day. Today I went to the groomers and now I look a few pounds lighter. Mom had to put my jacket on me because I am missing my fur. When I get a trim I even change colour, I am now a light grey. Then Mom bought me a special valentine dog treat, it was good but I eat anything, it did not have to be a special shape.

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2/14/2012 7:24:12 PM


We now have 17 inches of snow. Woohoo! We love it. When it comes to sledding and skiing, the more the merrier. The only thing about it though, is that a layer of snow on the lake makes the ice take longer to build up and that means longer till we can go play on it. A few days ago mom and I were down at the lake taking pictures. She wanted to get some shots of me running towards her in the snow so she let go of my leash and told me to stay. Just when she was about to call me towards her, we both heard a very high-pitched yapping coming from across the lake. I pricked my ears and before mom could grab my leash.....OFF I WENT!! I dashed straight across the lake. Mom was running around the edge of the lake trying to keep me in view and praying the ice would hold my weight! She was relieved to see I made it across. Then she saw at least two coyotes running around....and me after them. Soon my flexi leash (dragging behind me) got stuck in the trees and mom heard me barking. Between mom and me was the [frozen] channel. Mom was deciding whether or not to cross. It's just shallow enough water to walk through but it would still be scary to break through. But fortunately she didn't have to because I got unstuck and came running across back to her. Whew!!! Mom was so proud of me for coming all the way back when she called me, instead of chasing the coyotes some more. Mom actually doesn't know if they were coyotes because they looked quite big. They were either coyotes or wolves. Mom was still holding the camera so she got a few pics of them. They weren't in good focus because mom was so far away but I uploaded them on my page for you to see. Thank you so much again for helping Yukon reach his goal!! Looks like he's gonna make it - only 23 more to go! ★ ☆ ★ PEAKA ★ ☆ ★

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11/19/2011 12:51:02 AM

HaPpy ThAnKsGiViNg

Thank you for being our friend!! We recently had a fierce wind storm here. Tons of trees fell down on roads and power lines and on our property. One big tree went down on our chicken coop, totally smashing it to bits, and on the end of our storage shed causing bad damage. Wednesday morning mom woke up to find our rabbit Topaz's hutch blown over onto it's side with the door open, everything fallen out and laying around on the snow, and the thing mom dreaded the most.....No Topaz. Mom frantically put on her coat & boots and went out to look for him. Topaz is a very special rabbit and may be the most beloved pet rabbit there ever was. Mom has had him for over four years and they have a strong bond. So, very near Topaz's hutch there's this old junky car with no windows that was left here by the people we bought this house from and we haven't been able to get it towed out of here yet. Mom used to let Topaz out of his hutch and put him down on the ground to watch him while he explored. At first Topaz just hopped around on the lawn or stayed near his hutch. But then he started going under that old car and mom got tired of waiting for him to come back out from under it. So then she decided to not let him be loose until the car is towed away. Of course then she was looking more forward than ever to that happening.......Remembering that Topaz LOVED going under there gave her a sudden burst of hope that he would be under there now. Sure enough, when mom opened the back of the car, Topaz's cute little head stuck out from under it. Mom was soooo glad! If that car hadn't been there, Topaz (panic-stricken by the storm) may have run much further away and gotten lost. So now mom actually appreciates the old ugly car!! hehehe....Until the storm was over, Topaz spent a few days of luxury taking full charge of mom's room. He uses a litterbox just like a cat. On Tuesday our electricity went out. We tried starting our new generator for the first time but it was so cold out that it wouldn't start! So then we had to use a smaller generator to plug a hair-dryer into it to blow warm air on the big generator. It worked! So then we had lights and didn't all have to find our way around the house with headlamps. We didn't have running water though so we were very much relieved when we woke up to the electricity back on and working yesterday morning!!!

Come visit me, ., .., In Memory of Indigo, Peaka & Yukon

11/19/2011 12:48:05 AM

•° DoTd 11/14, VoTe MONTY 24869, Monday •°

• I'm Mom's sweetheart !! Mom named me Montana, calls me Monty for short, I am a Bull Terrier from Paducah, KY. Mom lost her 1st fur love, Rocky a Bull Terrier to kidney disease. After, Mom found a breeder in S.C,. placed down a deposit, before I was even thought of!! On 7/6/02 @ 8:20 a.m., I was born weighing in at 9oz. *~* six weeks later, I was in my forever home. I'm ready for my 2nd dotd badge, tippy paw over on Monday, 11/14/11, I'm dressed to the nine, ready to shake your paw!! Monty 24869 . *~* No Birthday's Noted *~* . *~* VoTe DaiLy •° In November *~* DOTM: Carly Knight 11000 HOTM: Cocoa 202084 COTM: Thomas 127574 BOTM: Punkin 115843 . TEAM DOTD NEWS *~* MONDAY *~* 11\14/11

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11/14/2011 2:22:32 AM

11/14/2011 2:22:07 AM

Hi Casper!

Thank you all so very much for your prayers and get well wishes for me. I am simply delighted to tell you that I am completely better! We are so relieved. As you may have seen in my pics, those big ugly (and itchy!) bumps were no fun. I'm so happy to be me again. Without my beautiful face, I didn't feel like me at all. We are having some serious winter here. It looks like Christmas outside. 13 inches of snow and more to come! Yippee!! We love the snow. Did I ever tell you about my love for mushing (pulling person on a sled) and skijoring (pulling person on skis)? Well, it is one of the biggest highlights in my life. Mom puts my pulling harness on, jumps in her sled (or on her skis, bol) says "HIKE!" and away we go. I am super enthusiastic about it. Mom is very proud of me because I stay on track when a dog or other distraction crosses the road and I can pull her very well, even up hill. Yukon doesn't pull mom on a sled like I do; he'd rather walk beside it than pull it. But mom brings him on a harness attached to the sled just for fun so he doesn't feel left out and it's also great exercise for him. I run so fast though that sometimes mom has to slow me down for his sake. Yesterday when we were on the trail going at a good speed, Yukon all of the sudden sat down....he had to poop! Mom couldn't stop me soon enough and the poor guy got a pretty hard jerk. Mom could hardly believe what she saw: Yukon took his own harness off!! That's not an easy thing to do. He did it in a seconds' time too...and good thing because it saved him from getting drug while trying to finish his business. Bol! Mom felt so bad. Besides that incidence, we have been having a wonderful time. Mom doesn't have skis right now but she's going to get some soon and then I can pull her on those. It's a lot of fun and kind of crazy too if you go at the speed I pull mom. People have been pretty impressed by our skijor teem. We just think it's so much fun. Well, I know I've barked your ears off but I've been looking forward to sharing with you what we've been up to lately. Mom's laptop got water spilled in it (thankfully it dried overnight!!) and we also had some internet problems. But besides that everything's going great.....and white!! ° ° • -:¦:- ° • ° ° -:¦:- • ° • ___/ \___ \ __\ /__ /......Thank you for helping /__ / \__\.......Yukon reach 5,000 votes by Dec. 1st ......\../....Only 96 to go! Let is snow!! ° ° • -:¦:- ° • ° ° -:¦:- • ° • ° -:¦:- ° ° • ° -:¦:- ° • ° ° -:¦:- ° • ° -:¦:- • ° Pawing a vote. Lab Licks, Peaka 0(..)0

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11/10/2011 9:57:07 PM

164 .~.:.*.:.~.A SPECIAL BOOK.~.:.*.:.~.

EUGENE, OREGON WEATHER REPORT: The temperature was high 49 & low was 39 this morning, now it's 44 with humidity 97% & wind is 2 MPH. Friday's suppose to be Mostly Cloudy & High 54. RECORD HIGH: 68 in 1930 & RECORD LOW: 23 in 1982 Mom has run out of articles for now as most of the things she has is about cats!!!! Have any of you ordered the book "DOG HEROES OF SEPTEMBER 11TH" through your DC points???? It's a Tribute to America's Search and Rescue Dogs!!!! Mom ordered several books a couple years ago as they are one of the most beautiful books she's seen!!!! It's well worth the 75000 points. Mom has given them as gifts and the humans loves the book, too!!!! RAJA'S 79386 {on DC} Momma PAM is still having lots of bad days with her breathing and being tired all the time. She is also momma to The AUSSIE KIDS {on CC} 4624. Pam & hubby Laurie celebrated their 19th Wedding Anniversary on Nov 7th. ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ NOVEMBER IS NATIONAL DIABETES AWARENESS MONTH NOVEMBER IS SENIOR PET AWARENESS MONTH ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ **VOTE FOR ME DAILY IN NOVEMBER FOR DOTM QUEEN!!!! THANK YOU!!!! **Vote DOTD on Friday November 11, 2011 for: .~:*:~.EDDISON 218689.~:*:~. on DC **Vote COTD on Friday November 11, 2011 for: .~:*:~.LUCY FUR 78175.~:*:~. on CC. **Vote Daily COTM on November 2011 for: .~:*:~.THOMAS 127574.~:*:~. on CC A Vote & Hugs, CARLY KNIGHT #11000 on DC

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11/10/2011 8:32:30 PM

Another vote for you.

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11/5/2011 8:58:25 PM

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