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Goodbye dear friends!DC has just dealt us the last straw...not only can we not bark at r friends,but now we also have 2 log in via the window :( ...<3 ya'll the Jones family


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10/19/2013 12:00:00 AM

5/25/2012 7:22:55 PM

Hiya Abby

I sure have missed ya girlfriend! dooky dook I just adore your picture, ya are so cute! Things haven't been goin too good round here but ya already know that, huh? Mommy had some xtra time today and decided to let me play... at least on this channel for a little bit. Thanks for your nice comments on that nother channel, (I won the box) it just seems easier for Mommy to keep up with right now. I'm gonna try and do better with my visits cuz I sure have missed all my friends... and I'm not gonna let my Mommy jump offa the planet neither... unless she takes me with her! dookity dookey dook Lotsa big fuzzy hugs and kisses to ya and give gobs to your sweet Mommy for me, Aggie xoxox

Come visit me, Angel Indy, In Loving Memory 9/2/08

4/4/2012 11:50:49 AM

Abby & the Angel Dudes

You are cordially invited to the 2nd annual Rainbow Bridge Valentines Extravaganza. The Angels have gone all out this year for the Valentine’s Day ball. They have rolled out the red carpet and have prepared a lavish dinner of sliced beef, chicken, and pork with white chocolate covered milkbones for desert. The first limo pulls up….Luka and his date Tiny climb out. The crowd of reporters gasp at the Vera Wang cocktail dress worn by Tiny. Next down the red carpet is Booker & Brandi, Sammy & Tay, Samson & Sophi, Romeo & Prissie, who by the way, both have sparkly wings and toenails! Prince & Brandy, HT & his date PF make their way to the building. Oh will you look at who is walking in now…It’s Oscar and his equine date Betsy. My goodness says one reporter; he is almost as tall as she is! Suddenly there is a commotion, everyone gathers around to see Balto and his date, Chiba step out of the limo. What a handsome couple, Balto in his tux and Chiba in a black floor length strapless number. The couples gather in the ball room as the band begins to play the Tango. Wow look at Prince & Brandy as they gracefully sweep across the dance floor. Next is the waltz…Booker & Brandi, Sammy & Tay, and Romeo & Prissie just glide around the floor. So beautiful…..Tiny & Luka notice Ruff sitting at a table all by himself with his head down. Ruff, what is the matter? My valentine who I have had a crush on for a long time is still an earthly dog. She can’t be here with me and I miss her. Luka, I think he is crying says Tiny. Ohhhhhh I think this will cheer him up. At that very moment Oscar, Betsy, Booker, & Brandi turn to see none other than Elvira making her way over to Ruff. She is the most beautiful Chow Chow ever. Ruff jumps up to greet her and gives her a long stemmed rose. Ruff looks at Booker & Oscar ummmm how did you do it? Hehehe says Oscar, you know we can do anything including getting a one day pass for Elvira to come to the bridge and be your Valentine. Ruff and Elvira dance the night away…… Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Thanks to Brandi & Sammy’s Mom for the suggestion of a Valentine’s Day ball.

Come visit me, Angel Prince of Barkness & Angel Booker, Sally Loves Biggie Smalls:)

2/3/2012 4:09:27 PM

Angel Dudes

Thanks to Mom Crystale for letting us know about Acorn. Angel Adventure… Acorn gets her wings Booker & Oscar are flying all over looking for Tiny. She has been so busy teaching all the new Angels to fly. Those Angel horses and Betsy the Angel mule really took it out of poor little Tiny. They are kind of like a cargo plane! Hey there is Luka & Prince. Have you guys seen Tiny? We were on our way to find her too said Luka. Did Momma Chiba send you to find her too? Of course she did says Oscar. You know it’s time for Acorn to be fitted for her wings. She has been with Momma Chiba since she arrived as it is with all the new Angels. They stay with Chiba until she has explained all about the Rainbow Bridge and how things are different here. She has been rocking Acorn to sleep each night just as she did with little Tay Tay. Who, by the way has become quite the pilot! Yea, she blew Samson & Ruff away with those barrel rolls the other day. I saw Brandi, Sammy, & Romeo doing some cloud hopping with Balto. Maybe they know where Tiny is. Have you seen Tiny? Well…as a matter of fact I have, just look up said Brandi. WOW how cool is that?? The dogs look up to see Tiny with Acorn directly behind her. There are at least 200 small animal angels flying just under Tiny and Acorn to make sure Acorn stays safe. The Angels will take very good care of Acorn. She will always have Momma Chiba to comfort her.

Come visit me, Angel Prince of Barkness & Angel Booker, Sally Loves Biggie Smalls:)

1/22/2012 3:00:25 PM

Angel dudes

Angel Adventure…The Rainbow Resort & Day Spa HT, Betsy, & PF are sitting in lounge chairs, sipping drinks with umbrellas by the pool. HT asked the girls about finding their equine sisters & brothers. I found Junior so quick I thought it would be easy to find my other siblings. I know we haven’t been here that long but I just don’t know where to start. “Je sais quoi faire” spouts PF…English please PF, says Betsy Oh sorry, I know what to do, and then at the same time all 3 jump up THE DOGS!!! HT you find Oscar & Booker, they can find anything or anyone. I saw them going to the steam room. We will go get Tiny, Brandi, & Romeo. I know they are getting a mani & a pedi. Whaaaaat Romeo is getting a mani???? Yes HT, he likes his nails to sparkle like his wings. HT finds Oscar & Booker, and lucky for him Balto, Sammy, Samson, & Ruff are there too. “Hey guys, I need your help” hey hey HT shut the door, you’re letting the cold air in!!! Oh sorry, can you help me find my siblings? Of course we can just let us dry off. Put out an APB on HT’s 5 equine siblings. HT will get with the sketch artist to help with ID’s. Where are the girls? Did you let Tiny know what is going on? PF & Betsy are getting her as we speak. Ok, Ruff, Sammy, & Samson go get the choppers warmed up. We will need to fly low over the pastures. Just then the door flies open to the massage rooms. Prince & Luka jump up and see Tiny with her paws on her hips, tapping her foot. You two are getting a massage when we have a mission????? What mission? We are on vacation. We are going to help HT find his angel siblings. Cool…We’re in says Luka. The 3 choppers land and all the Angels load up. Samson is flying low over a pasture when Balto yells “HT I think we found Bum, Sundance, & Swinger. The sketches look identical. Take us down. The choppers land in the most beautiful pasture you can imagine. HT jumps out and gallops right up to Bum, Beepers, Swinger, Sundance, & MC. They have a group hug. Man, I have been looking for you guys. Just then Junior trots up and joins in on the group hug. PF & Betsy have tears in their eyes. Ahhhhh isn’t this beautiful? I don’t know about beautiful….I see a mission accomplished and guy horses hugging says Luka…..hehehe what the heck let’s all join in. Everyone can use a hug!!

Come visit me, Angel Prince of Barkness & Angel Booker, Sally Loves Biggie Smalls:)

1/20/2012 7:43:00 AM

Hey Guys

Angel Adventure…HT arrives Our adventure begins with Tiny, PF, Betsy, Brandi, & Tay working furiously cleaning the grounds around the Rainbow Bridge. Varoooom here come Prince, Luka, Lightning, Junior, and Tirnanog pulling up on the Harleys. “What’s up ladies” says Lightning? Betsy tells him we have to get the bridge ready, Hi Tech Image arrives today. We are so excited! There is electricity in the air as the girls work. Prince spouts out “Hey We came by see if you biker chicks want to go for a ride with us?” PF stomps her hoof, with her hands on her hips, using her adorable French accent she puts the boys in their place…We are too busy for you silly boys. We have more important things to do. What’s the big deal asks Luka? We get lots of Angel horses up here. Tiny says “He isn’t just any Angel horse, He is not only the Top Horse for November, but he is a Champion show horse! Everything has to be perfect for him. Junior says “yeah man he is my Brother and he is cool. I have been looking for him.” Remember the snow storm the other day? Yep that was him. Straight off the flight line, Booker, Oscar, Samson, Ruff, and Sammy fly by breaking the sound barrier. Tay is jumping up and down waving her arms. “Hey guys come and help us”. While the guys put the finishing touches on the bridge. The girls are brushing their fur and fixing their make up. We have to look our best. Betsy will you braid my tail says PF. Sure, and I could use some help with my mane. The other Angels line up by the bridge. There is Princess Shawnie, Rose, Sugar, Dixie, and Sugar Babe. Suddenly there is a huge rumble; fireworks go off…dundundundaaaaa the most handsome Palomino ever gallops across the bridge. Everyone is clapping and cheering. You see, HT has been on cloud 9 with Momma Chiba. He had one earthly thing to do before crossing the bridge. He wanted to win Top Horse! Congratulations Mom Marion and Hi Tech Image November HOTM. Now he can cross the bridge with full honors.

Come visit me, Angel Prince of Barkness & Angel Booker, Sally Loves Biggie Smalls:)

11/2/2011 11:10:49 AM

Hey Angel Dudes

Angel Adventure…Tay Tay Gets her wings Booker and Oscar heard that there was a new angel amongst them. As usual they went to Momma Chiba’s cloud. The boys were watching through the cloud to see Momma Chiba in her rocking chair with little Tay in her lap. You see Momma Chiba takes care of the new angles and tells them about life over the rainbow bridge. Chiba tells Tay, “You have wings and will now be able to fly. Tiny will teach you, she is the best.” One of the great things is now you can talk, and walk just on your back legs. Anything is possible here, you can do anything! But, Momma Chiba…I will miss my human Mom and sister Tiff. Chiba continues to rock Tay and tells her. You will be able to watch over your Mom and Tiff, they will see you in their dreams. You see there is a spot here where we can see everything our families are doing and help protect them. If you are ever afraid you always have me to comfort you. Come to my cloud any time. Some other great things are that we have all sorts of animal friends up here. We have horses we can ride and lots of fun things to do. You may want to learn to fly really well before you go for a ride with Booker & Oscar! Booker isn’t the best driver? Just then Tiny lands on Chiba’s cloud. Come on Tay Tay, take my paw and fly with me. Off go Tiny & Tay. I am so sorry to hear about Tay. The Angel dogs will take very good care of your precious Angel…. Love, The Angel Boyz & All the Angel Dogs

Come visit me, Angel Prince of Barkness & Angel Booker, Sally Loves Biggie Smalls:)

9/11/2011 4:37:32 PM

Angel Dudes

Angel Adventure….Balto in snow • Booker & Oscar were thinking about having a pawty for Balto. Knowing how much he loves to play in the snow the boys are at a loss. Hmmmm it’s still summer, where can we get some snow?? They find Ruff, Moo, & King fishing on the rainbow river. Hey guys…how do we get snow for Balto? Ruff said “I think you sprinkle rock salt on the clouds to make it snow”. “Cool! Call Tiny, Prince, Luka, & Samson. Tell them to bring the plane,” yells Oscar. Load the plane with salt and meet us at Rainbow Mountain. Within seconds…. the plane is ready. Ok Tiny, get the salt bags set up for the drop! Oscar & Booker have Brandy, Brandi, Prissie, Sophie, King, & Momma Chiba in the dune buggie tearing over the sand hills to find Balto. Oscar yells “hey bro..hop in, we are having a Balto pawty! Off to the mountain they go. Meanwhile Samson fires up the plane. Tiny is giggling at the boys…What is so cool about making snow?? Luka tells her it was always Baltos favorite thing, to play in the snow. We haven’t had snow since he got his wings so we wanted to make some for him. Samson & Ruff hold the plane steady as the others start pushing the salt out of the plane. Just as the last of it is out Prince, Luka, & Tiny high 5 paws and jump out. How fun…it’s snowing angels…Balto can hardly compose himself, he is so excited to see snow. Prissie, King, Brandy, Brandi, Momma Chiba, & Angel Angel make a HUGE snow pile. Booker says “go for it, it’s all you man’ Balto looks like a lineman for the Greenbay Packers, in his 3 point stance…Off he goes….splat he hits the snow. He is rolling& giggling like a little girl! All the other Angels join him and start a grand snowball fight….We Love and miss you, Angel Balto

Come visit me, Angel Prince of Barkness & Angel Booker, Sally Loves Biggie Smalls:)

9/6/2011 1:36:00 PM

To you all-memories of Chiba

One year ago you were warm and loving. Your soft, soulful eyes gazed at us, full of love, masking your pain. We had waited so long for you, although at the time we had no idea it would be you, my sweet girl. I remember when you allowed us into your life with little kisses and wags of the stub that had been left of your tail. You had had puppies and then had been bereft of them, and ever after you searched for them, getting excited and then sad when you’d hear puppies crying at the vet or out in the world. You cared for your pack as if you were the mother of them all, protecting all of us from danger, real or perceived. You protected Manatee from Rocky’s ire, even taking a beating from him to ensure her safety. You were always brave, always the mom, not knowing how to play and then being playful in an unsure way, leaving me to always wonder what the humans who came before us did to you…my sweet, beautiful Chiba, always in my heart. You owned us from the first day we met you, even winning your daddy over – he had wanted another male! You charmed him with your little kisses and your soft, soulful eyes. You always proved you were well worth the wait… I wish we had realized how sick you were, you were so quiet and unassuming about yourself, so unselfish. Could we have saved you if we knew sooner? We tried to prolong your life with medicine and special food and love and hugs and little kisses. And you gave us more little kisses and soft, soulful gazes, even through your pain. You knew when to go. We took you to the doctor and, as she led you into the back to prepare you for your final moments with us, you gazed back at us. We held you as your life slipped away, the light in your soft, soulful eyes slowly going out. We cried, we’re still crying. All that’s left are ashes and so many lovely memories of you, my beloved Chiba. It has been one year, and we still miss you as if you were here this morning. We long for your beautiful soul and pray that you are whole and well at the Rainbow Bridge. We know that you are comforting those who are crossing over and hope you have found your ultimate happiness with Balto, charming him with your little kisses and your soft, soulful eyes… Rest in Peace and Happiness Beloved Angel Chiba… Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton and Will Jennings Would you know my name If I saw you in heaven Will it be the same If I saw you in heaven I must be strong, and carry on Cause I know I don't belong Here in heaven Would you hold my hand If I saw you in heaven Would you help me stand If I saw you in heaven I'll find my way, through night and day Cause I know I just can't stay Here in heaven Time can bring you down Time can bend your knee Time can break your heart Have you begging please Begging please Beyond the door There's peace I'm sure. And I know there'll be no more... Tears in heaven Would you know my name If I saw you in heaven Will it be th

Come visit me, Angel Lawanna - 5/2/05-1/28/15, Angel Manatee RIP 4/9/2013, Angel Rocky 10/5/03-1/13/14, My Angel Chiba-I love Angel Balto XXXOOO

8/19/2011 6:12:20 AM

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