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10/19/2013 12:00:00 AM

Hi Rudi!

Another hot day in the 80's. This afternoon some people came over with a new fridge, so we were stuck outside for awhile. We weren't happy about that, and we showed mommy, too. All 3 of us would sit at the door, and if mommy turned her back to us, we'd all bark together. As soon as mommy looked at us we'd be quiet again, hehe. :) Later Brandon got to go for a nice walk. It wasn't too long, since it was so hot compared to what we've been used to, and since tomorrow is supposed to be much cooler! Now it looks like we might be getting to go for a car ride. Left a vote! *hugs* Muffin, Brandon and Peanut

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9/12/2011 8:09:12 PM

Vote 28. Rooorooo.

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9/3/2011 7:17:05 PM

There's some cool clubs on page 217348, 217343, 217349, and 217286... you should check them all out... and let Cinnamon, Abby, and Chloe know about them, too! Leaving a vote!

Come visit me, Kozar

8/22/2011 12:15:13 PM

Hi Rudi!

We're having a beautiful sunny day in the 60's and low 70s and a nice breeze. Took a short walk today, so that was nice!! Hope you are enjoying your Sunday. We left a vote! *hugs* Muffin, Brandon and Peanut

Come visit me, DOTM Page ~ JULY 2016 DOTM: Scooby 176110, Muffin, Brandon, and Peanut, Small Dog Club

8/21/2011 5:30:41 PM

8/15/2011 6:02:51 PM

Hey again! I'd just like to let all my DC friends know that Hunter is running for Dog Breed of the week in the dog breed club page #216752. Please vote for me by leaving a comment on the page each day! Please and hopefully thank you!

Come visit me, Angel Hunter, Angel Romeo, Angel Sandy, Ruby

8/15/2011 10:10:58 AM

Hi Rudi

#23 Welcome to DC, It's a lot of fun here and you'll meet all kinds of dogs and their owners.We're the Ks hounds, Peyton , Max & Brees.Stop by and see us sometimes.Wags & Kisses. Oh ya, We LIKE your smile.

Come visit me, Brees, Max, Peyton

8/12/2011 9:02:04 PM

Good afternoon Rudi!

Hi, it's Abby. I'm glad you won't freak out on me. You are such a spoiled puppy! I just don't understand this! I get Blue stuff though, so I shouldn't be talking. I left you a vote. Have a giant bone! 8===8

Come visit me, Abby, Puppy Pals

8/11/2011 12:20:13 PM

• • 8==8 • • Thank You for your vote! • • 8==8 • •

Good afternoon DC furiends and pawrents. We are having a gorgeous sunny summer day here and totally soakin up the heat! I have been enjoying my DOTM run so much because every time mom does my blogs, she sits on the couch with her laptop and snuggles with me the whole time. She used to always do it at the table, until she discovered how much more comfortable the couch is. BOL!! So I've been getting looooots of snuggle time with mom. The only thing is though, that she can't type fast enough with one hand, so when she stops petting me I either bark at her or paw her on the back. Then mom says "It's never enough is it?!" hahaha. Our new cat, Duchess has been having loads of fun exploring the house today. She seems to be getting along fine with our other cats now, as long as everyone stays at a distance! The other day mom heard lots of growling and strange cat noises (bol) coming from the master bedroom so she ran to go see what was up. She found Mickey and Abby cornering Duchess on one wall and Mickey had a bloody cheek where it looks like Duchess gave him a good scratch. :( Nothing has happened since though so maybe Mickey will stop pestering Duchess. She'll tell him who's Duchess and who's NOT Duke if she has to. BOL! Mom has been taking lots of photos of her and we'll let you know when she puts them on CatChannel. Hope you're having a good day! Hey, could you do me a huge favor? Not huge on your part but it would mean a lot to me. Could you please stop by page 207236 and paw a vote for my photo? I am entered in the "Best Wet Dog Pic" contest and your support would be so greatly appreciated. The contest ends in a few days! Facts: • 87% of dog owners say their dog curls up beside them or at their feet while they watch TV. 80% of dog owners buy their dog a present for holidays and birthdays. 70% of people sign their pet’s name on greeting and holiday cards. 58% include their pets in family and holiday portraits. • The bible mentions dogs 14 times. • In Roman times, Mastiffs donned light armor and were sent after mounted knights. (Yikes!) • An estimated 1,000,000 dogs in the U.S. have been named as the primary beneficiaries in their owner’s will. • 60% people do not pick up after their dogs in public areas. In some cities dog owners can be fined for not cleaning up after their pooch. • If you’re one of the many dog owners who often get the feeling that your dog can read your mind, that could be exactly what they are doing. A team of doctors and scientists in Russia, conducted telepathic experiments with dogs, of which half the tests were successful. Most of the experiments involved testing the dog's ability to read unspoken commands. The research team concluded that some ESP factor must be at work. Here's a vote! Lab Licks, Peaka 0(..)0

Come visit me, ., .., In Loving Memory of Indigo, Peaka & Yukon

8/10/2011 2:32:08 PM

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