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my account says I have 4 messages but I sniffed every where but cannot find them.HUMP!



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I was at my friends house and Sunday's mom had had a litter of puppies and one looked just like her mom so mommy bought her.

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10/19/2013 12:00:00 AM

hi bindi

thank you for the vote. we are leaving one for all of you.

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5/27/2012 8:38:06 PM


Glad we can be pals! So sorry for being gone for so long, again. Mom was pretty sick for the past four weeks, and one of our cats, CoCoa, got in a fight. and she never gets in fights so that was weird, but she had a pretty bad cut on her ear. Its almost completley healed now, thank goodness. Plus the normal business of life, just haven't had time for the computer lately. And the kind of internet we have, through moms phone, has been really slow and not really working well lately. But we have also been enjoying the sunshine. Yes, sun! Two weeks of mostly 70 degree weather. That felt like summer to us. Really warm compared to normal. So everyone was out in there shorts and what not. Mom is just thinking about later on in Aug./Sept. when its gonna be like 85-90 degrees. That's real summer! But now we are getting back into the normal routine of 50/60's rainy cloudy weather. Dang. Mom has been baking too. She says she likes it better than cooking. (Like dinners and stuff) She made some little french donut things that were really good. I got some that didn't have powdered sugar on them. They were pretty tasty little treats. And of course cookies and what not. She says what else are you supposed to do when your sick? She only stayed home for 2 or 3 days out of the 4 weeks she was sick but those days were plenty. Bol. She also made puppy chow. For those of you who got all excited like me, don't be. What an evil trick! This so called "Puppy chow" is chex cereal, covered in melted peanut butter/chocolate and some powdered sugar. Sounds yummy right? So here I am, sitting on the floor last night waiting for some and then the humans start eating it. Hello? "Puppy chow" sounds like its for dogs to me! But apparently its not, so my hopes and dreams were shot down and I was a sad dog the rest of the night. Ok not really...maybe I am being a little over dramatic but I think if humans are going to eat it, they shouldn't name it stuff like "PUPPY.." it should be called "Human chow." Enough said. Hehe. Well, we hope to blog again soon, and we always do hope to but sorry if we can't! Have a nice sunday! Licks, Love, & Prayers ♥ Zoey

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5/20/2012 12:45:18 PM

Vote 223.

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5/19/2012 4:12:21 PM

Hi Bindi

Wow that is cool that your mom had a sled dog team. My mom would love to have one but she's to old! Don't tell her I said that! Hope you both are having a great evening, moms running late today and I have to go to the vets for my annual shots. Just great, I hate shots and this vet is sadistic! I think mom is too cause she keeps taking me back to him! So I have to run but I wanted to stop by and say Hi! Voted! Your Little Buddy Merlin

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5/9/2012 1:18:46 PM


t is handy to blame things on the cat. I try to leave lingering suspicion anyway...Mom's been pretty on to me. Turns out our cat is tidy and elderly so he doesn't mess much up – except my plans to blame him for my accidents. BOL! You were on to that good idea right away! And kittens, you can blame a lot on kittens. You could do new bad things you've never done before and blame it on kittens. BOL! Well, I'm glad to hear that your mom is shutting down the cat rescue. My mom isn't as thrilled as I am. I am more thrilled for the day that the pooches at your house will outnumber the kitties! I agree, it is the way it should be. Your Buddy Ben P.S. So sorry to hear a kitty fell on Sunday. I would be quite miffed if it happened to me. I have always been the youngest, the most likely to play a it would be bad on so many levels.

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5/8/2012 4:51:14 AM

Sorry I guess I'm yacky

travel crates in the van and ate our very own "pup cups" of vanilla ice cream. Mom can take us out for ice cream anytime she wants! Well I hope you and your pack had a great weekend and I hope you have a fantastic week ahead! Voted! Your Little Buddy Merlin

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5/7/2012 1:29:08 PM

Hi Bindi

Wow you guys got lots of critters in your neck of the woods! We have 11 dogs here at our place. We only had 6 then mom decided to breed because she had people asking her to breed a litter of chocolate havanese, well she did, had all four puppies sold then when it came time for them to leave she couldn't do it! She called everyone and told them sorry and kept all four pups! Silly mom, no more breeding here! So I survived the weekend supervising those 4 pups! I never dreamed it would be so exhausting trying to give them the finer points of showing and the expert advise that I have! I am plum tuckered out! Let's see, we got to Bucyrus friday late afternoon, we were there about 20 minutes and the skies opened up and it rained and rained and tried to flood us all out. Of course it has rained like that at this dog show every year that we have gone, so why does mom go back? That's exactly what I wanted to know. And the answer, it's the very first dog show she ever showed at so she has to show at it every year! Aye ya ya! We all got a good night sleep, except that we all found out AJ dreams loudly! Yeppers the little fellow must chase all kinds of bunnies in his sleep cause he was wimpering and whining and kicking his paws all night long. Now mom got smart and only entered two of the pups on Sat. and the other two on Sunday, Blade showed both days though and he did pretty well, he took first place in his class both days but was beat by a Professional Handler both days. Lance showed really well Sat. he took second in his class. then Pixie showed, well let's say she tried her best, well not really her best, what happened was she went into the ring, sniffed the other girl goes in her class, wagged her tail and refused to walk any further! She put on her little brakes so fast I heard her paws squeal! Dad was showing her so he had to carry her around the ring! It was kind of funny but sad at the same time. Mom said she expected Pixie to do that cause she seemed a little scared. Of course since Dad didn't practice with Pixie at all it's not surprising! I know she'll do better at the next show. On Sunday Nim and AJ showed, they both took second in their classes which mom was really happy with since it was the first time they'd ever been in the show ring. Of course she thought they should have won best of breed and then gone on to win best in show, but when doesn't she think one of her dogs should do that? BOL All in all it was a fun weekend and a really good first show of the new season. We don't go out again until June so we have lots of time to practice with these pups and show them how it's supposed to be done, maybe I can con Blade into helping he show these little fellows the ropes. That's an idea and I wouldn't have to work so hard then! Holy Cow I almost forgot, on Saturday mom took me, JB and Lady out for some ice cream! It was magnificent! All the little kids at the ice cream stand played with us and then we went into our

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5/7/2012 1:28:14 PM

Hi! Just came by with a vote. It has been raining, off and on, for days now. That means I just stay in the house, no playing in the yard, no walks. I am getting lots of rest so I am prepared for adventure, if/when it comes. I think that it should soon be time to plant flowers - maybe I could help! What is new with you? Have a great week.

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5/6/2012 4:05:30 PM

Hi Bindi

I'll be looking for that bone when I get up to our home BOL, we have something like 7 rawhide bones in moms bed and every night we chew on them and keep mom awake. Mom is really scared of the birds getting one of us January their was a pair of eagles in the trees about 50 feet from our thinks they were trying to find a good place to nest. Dad was working out in the yard when mom came out on the deck with us so we could play in the heard this weird bird sound and was on her way to the other end of the deck to see if she could spot what kind of bird it was. Dad started yelling to mom to get us all in the house their was two eagles in the tree..guess that was the bird sound mom heard. Their was also 4 other male eagles soaring around in the sky and dad said he thought they were probably wanting to mate the female. Well dad was making so much noise in the yard that the eagles left and never did make their nest there. Mom said she plans on keeping a real watchful eye out for us up there at our summer home and she'll come down into the yard while we are playing. Today isn't so hot out and we are going to go out and play for awhile before mom and dad go for lunch with some friends. I'll bark back with you later. Your buddy Heidi

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5/6/2012 7:15:15 AM

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