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We had just lost our beagle to someone poisoning him. There was a gaping hole. We saw the ad in the paper for Border Aussies accidental breeding. She was the calmer of the two sisters that were left. She is the PERFECT dog for our family.

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10/19/2013 12:00:00 AM

Vote Honey 218255 DOTM January!

Ten top ways to tell if Martha Stewart is stalking your dog 10. There's potpourri hanging from his/her collar. 9. The dog's nails have been cut with pinking shears. 8. The dog toys are all stored in McCoy crocks. 7. The pooper scooper has been decorated with raffia bows. 6. That telltale lemon slice in the new silver water bowl. 5. You find liver and whole wheat dog treats stamped out with copper cookie cutters and decorated with royal icing using a #2 rosette tip. 4. Dog hair has been collected and put into wire baskets for nesting material for the birds. 3. A seasonally appropriate grapevine wreath adorns the front of your dog's crate. 2. Your dog goes outside naked and comes in wearing a thyme colored virgin wool hand-knitted sweater with matching boots. AND THE NUMBER ONE WAY YOU KNOW THAT MARTHA STEWART IS STALKING YOUR DOG IS... 1. The dog droppings in your backyard have been sculpted into swans.......................................... Hi everyone! Alabama Gang here! Bubba today! Watch out for Martha Stewart! Please pray for Zeus! Vote DOTM,Honey! Vote DOTD and remember No more bad fish! Vote for Mr. Pish for President 2012! Have a safe,happy and blessed day! Love ya!

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1/13/2012 9:31:17 PM

cool dog

you are one cool dog!

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11/13/2011 7:11:52 PM

Hey guys! It's Hunter here! Since December is just around the corner I thought I'd get the word out about my run. That's right, THIS DECEMBER, THIS POOCH RIGHT HERE IS RUNNING FOR KING OF DC! I'm gonna need every vote I can to win and those votes have to come from you pups! My owner and I really want this, like more than all the doggie bones in the world (of course that might be because she doesn't like bones but the point still stands!) I know it seems like a while away and your probably wondering why this moron is still typing but it's sooner than it seems! PLEASE VOTE FOR US EVERY DAY YOU CAN! We will be coming to our supporters with tips on taking care of your best bud with fur, especially in the chilly months, along with facts about water (which is alot cooler than you probably think) and owls because they are pretty awesome. We have some of my run's photos at the bottom of my page and I'd love it if you would check them out! It doesn't snow much here but if it does I'll make sure you hear about it! We are so excited about this! Just remember, I NEED YOUR VOTE EVERY SINGLE DAY IN DECEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we want ya'll all to know that we love you all and that if I win it would mean the world to my owner and I. We'll even post a picture of our victory celebration if we win, but if we lose you are goiing to see pictures of the worst creature that every roamed the earth..................... .......................... .......................... ................................(don't you love suspense?)..... THE CAT! So remember to cast your vote!!!

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11/13/2011 1:58:53 PM

Hi Shooting Star,

We stopped by to read about you and vote!

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11/11/2011 10:37:33 AM

Memory Lane 2

The next couple of days I remember attempting to go down and up the back stairs, Mom ended up carrying me, as she didn't want me to get hurt and/or fall. She takes such good care of me. She walked around the yard, I would follow at her heel and she would say "heel, good girl". This started my training. I haven't been able to go meet any other dogs yet, cause I haven't been to my doctor's yet for a check up, or so mom tells me. She sat in the rock/flower garden and I plopped down on her lap, she tells me what she wants to do, work with me to do agility and therapy dog activities. I look at her with curiosity at the terms and she tells me what they are. Agility means running fast, listening to her tell me where to go and me running over, under and through obstacles like jumps and dog walks, tunnels and seesaws and through tire hoops. I'm not quite sure what those are yet, but I know I'll find out. Mom says once I've had my visit with the doctor, I can start visiting other people and dogs. Mom tells me that's what Therapy Dogs do, is visit people who are in the hospital or nursing homes. Children and adults and elderly people find comfort and happiness in therapy dogs and Mom thinks I'd be perfect for it. I do too. Mom takes out a brush from her pocket and starts brushing my fur, it feels good, so I stretch out and fall asleep. I'm not sure how long I slept, but I remember mom picking me up, carrying me upstairs and putting me on my bed, where I snuggled into the folds and slept soundly. A little while later, I wake up, stretch, and set off to find mom, she's in the kitchen doing dishes and I plop down in the corner after barking to let her know I'm here. I watch with interest as she finishes the dishes, dries them, puts them away and cleans up the kitchen. She then takes some food out of the cold box and starts putting some spices on the meat. She then takes some smelly things (onions) and cuts them and green, red and yellow things (peppers), cuts them up and puts some yellow stuff (butter) into a metal bowl type thing, putting it onto the stove and turning a dial. Mom puts some food in my dish and I go eat it while she finishes cooking for the rest of the family. When I finish eating I head off to the bedroom to lie down. After the family is done eating and mom does the dishes, I come out to the living room and we watch tv. I plop down next to mom, who grabs the brush and brushes me again. I love the feel of it, so I roll over so she can get my tummy. I need to go out again and mom takes me. I bounce off to the corner where I like to go potty and do my business. I come running back to Mom and almost run into her I'm going so fast. She laughs, picks me up, hugs me and we go upstairs.

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11/11/2011 9:17:39 AM

Shooting Star's photo is similar to the my pose, come see Wiggins; left a vote.

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11/11/2011 7:35:59 AM

Long overdue blog entry

Mom decided to attempt to restart the journal she started when I first came home. So please bear with her and me as we go down memory lane. This is from June 3, 2005. All I have heard about the dog before me, was that his name was Oliver and he got poisoned by some stupid kids in the neighborhood and snapped at mom and Billy. I was sitting in my pen at my breeder's, the last of two from the accidental breeding of my canine parents. The Wheatons came in, my sister was doing her usual bouncing for attention, I simply sat there and looked cute, which wasn't hard to do. When my sister got tired of bouncing, I stood up, put my paws on the side of the pen as if to say "get me out of here, please". That was definitely the right move, as the woman who was to become my human mom, picked me up and held me to her, looked me over, and there was an instant connection. I looked at my sister, said "bye" and off we went. The car wasn't big, but it was big to me, as I wasn't much larger than mom's hands. I sat on her lap the whole way home, only occasionally looking up for reassurance when we passed some loud noises. Mom stroked my head and rubbed my ears and I went to sleep. Soon we were home, mom and I got out of the car, kids in the neighborhood were playing nearby and they came over to see us/me. I loved the attention and the petting and snuggling. When the kids left, I snuggled into mom's arms and she carried me upstairs to my new home. I was shown where my food and water dish were, shown where my bed was and that the big door next to my dishes opened to the back porch and stairs! What are stairs, hadn't ever seen that before...I carefully ventured out onto the porch and peeked around the corner of the house to look down the stairs. I sat there, mom picked me up and carried me downstairs. "WOW this yard is huge", I thought, "nice soft grass, plenty of things to investigate." I stepped carefully away from mom, turning to look back now and then to make sure she wasn't leaving me there alone. She sat down on the stairs and encouraged me to go look around. I found my confidence and walked faster around the yard, noticing the fence. "I think I'm gonna like it here," I thought as I walked along the fence seeing other animals on the other side like squirrels, birds and a groundhog that was the same size as me. When I completed my walk around the yard, I went back to mom and sat at her feet. She said "good girl, Star", picked me up and we went back upstairs. She put me down on the porch and I walked back in the house. I proceeded to investigate the dining room, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and living room. I found my bed in mom's bedroom under the window. There were several toys there, a couple I didn't really like or play with, so they didn't stay around long. I headed back to where my water dish was and tasted the water, not what I'm used to, actually tasted better. After drinking my fill, I sauntered back over to where mom was sitting and sat at her feet. Noi

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11/11/2011 6:26:52 AM

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6/2/2010 2:37:09 PM

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