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Am unable to leave any posts on pages today :( I left votes for the Alabama Gang & our DOTD winner but am sad I can't bark at them.



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I'm a Valentine gift for mom & dad to themselves this year (2012)! We drove 25 miles in a snowstorm to see the litter of 3 after we saw an ad in the paper. The lady that had them was a recent widow & could no longer afford to keep the pups or mommy dog so she was reluctantly giving all but the dad away. Very good doggie parents had already taught her to bark at strange noises.

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10/19/2013 12:00:00 AM

Hi Sammie

You are a cutie. Love all your pics. Hope you didn't mind, but I got hungry when I stopped by so I ate that tasty biscuit at the top of your page...woof woof

Come visit me, Dakota " Offline grieving for Grandma"

6/3/2012 4:44:43 PM

Hi Sammie

I would like to thank everyone for the 1st Year DC Anniversary wishes. Under the circumstances, I am not as happy as I would have been had we not lost Little Girl yesterday. I am truly glad to be a member of the DC Family. Our whole family would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our dear friends for the outpouring of love and sympathy upon the loss of our sweet Kitty Cat, Little Girl Cat. She was the sweetest little thing and loved to lay in Mommys lap and lick her like a puppydog. Mommy is so very sad and has a broken heart, again, and your love means the world to us. Again, Thank You for caring about us. Day 3 of my DOTM run! You guys are the best. Friends are the most important thing in the world to me after family! I want you to know I appreciate each and every one of you. Now, For the topic I promised you..... ~~ The BEST Dog Movies You May Not Be Watching ~~ Today may sound like a rerun of yesterday, but it is not. Today's movie is another version of the story of Bobby. "The Adventures of Greyfriars Bobby" stars James Cosmo, Oliver Golding, Gina McKee, Sean Pertwee, Greg Wise and Christopher Lee. Once again, liberties are taken, but the story is still worth viewing. This little dog is clearly destined to live forever in the hearts of the people of Edinburgh and , for that matter, all over the world. You can find a copy of the book with the actual true factual account of Greyfriars Bobby online. My Mommy owns it as well as both movie versions. I highly recommend you check it out. I think you will like it. Don't forget to vote for our friends with Birthdays/Anniversaries and the DOTD each and every day this month! I love you all and look forward to making even more friends this month! PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie Cairn Cuddles, Maya...Campaign Mgr and Sister!

Come visit me, ~ Angel Anakin ~, ~ Chewie loves Khia ~, ~ Jackson ~, ~ Maya Loves Toby ~

6/3/2012 9:47:26 AM

Hi Sammie!

Look how big your getting! Your growing up into a beautiful girl! Hows your summer so far? Pawing a vote Love, Lola Belle

Come visit me, Honey Dew

6/3/2012 8:55:28 AM

Hi Sammie,

you are really getting big!!! Mom was so happy to read that you played with the frisbee, made her day!!! Hope you have a pawsome day!!! Hope your Mom is feeling better today!!! Hugs & Kisses, Shadow

Come visit me, ~ Angel Shadow ~, Piper

6/1/2012 8:02:32 AM

hi sammie

thank you for everything. we really appreciate it, it is so nice to know that we have so many friends that care.we are leaving votes for all of you on your pages. hope you had a good day. we will stop by tomorrow.

Come visit me, abigail, bella, maggie-mae R.I.P. You are missed, Morgan Mackenzie's R.I.P. You are missed

5/24/2012 6:36:24 PM

Hi! I wanted to stop by and thank you for my birthday wish =) Sorry I am so late on the reply, my mom has just been so dang busy. She just ended her first year of college so hopefully I can come on here more since it is summer! Thank you again! It means a lot =) Hugs for you!! ♦Petey

Come visit me, † * Barney * †, ♦ Petey ♦ New Pictures =), ♦ R.I.P. Carmel ♦ March 26, 2003~February 13, 2013, ♥ ~ Candi ~ ♥ We Miss You, Carmel!! =,,(, ♠ Dewey ♠, * Maxi ♥'s Kane * New Pictures =)

5/24/2012 9:29:03 AM


Well I think I did pretty good this past week. I only tore up 2 sqeaky toys and peed on the floor at the office only once. Yesterday when we walk home I like to grab the leash in my mouth and pull on it. Well, I guess somehow I managed to get the leash wrapped around my Mom's bad ankle and then I pulled on the leash. Well Mom let out this yell cause apparently the leash rubbed on her skin where she has a plate that was used to put her ankle back together. She got a nice leash burn. I didn't know that she even had a plate under her skin. I can't help it if she didn't tell me. She said it still hurts today. I guess the plate lies just under the skin and she can fell everything!!. Today she was outside on the deck using that power washer again. It took her 5 hours to get the deck clean. When she came in her jeans were soaking wet and had dirt all over them. She left her shoes outside and went into her bathroom. She put her towel on the floor in front of the shower to use at a later time or so she thought. She took off her jeans in the shower and hosed all the dirt off before she put them in the washing machine. When she was done she noticed that the towel was gone and I was running around the house with it. Mom has to learn that when she puts things on the floor it's game on. I'll take anything that is not nailed down!!! Well that is all that I did in 1 week. I don't know if I am getting better or worse. Hope you all have a good night. Hopie Too

Come visit me, ♥ Angel Hope is Forever Loved ♥, Charity Rose, Faith † Remembering my Sissy †, Faith Alexandria, Hopie Too !!

5/20/2012 3:55:57 PM

Thank you so much!! :)

Hi Sammie! Thank you for coming by and celebrating my DOTD win with me! I had such a blast yesterday! I ate frozen peanut butter blobs (we call them chips!) and was called Dog of the Day all day by my family. Then Jazzy and I took a nice long walk in the evening! Doggy heaven! We also took a long walk this morning and now I’m tuckered out and lazily chewing on my dinosaur toy. I think I’ll take a nap soon—momma is very pleased because she wants to watch some dance on the computer. Thank you so much for voting me DOTD—you guys are just the BEST!! Chewed that votey bone of yours! :) ~Suki ♥

Come visit me, .•*´¨`*•. Suki.•*´¨`*•, Angel Shasta Sep. 5, 2002 to Oct 19, 2009 † Thank you for DOTD! ♥, Doggie Photo Place *Closed temporarily*, Jazzy

5/19/2012 1:26:46 PM

Hi Sammie!! :)

Hi Sammie! Thanks for coming by my page! I love making new friends. Hehehehe, Jazzy has so many, now I can name some that she doesn’t know! Hahahaha! I don’t usually like to make Jazzy jealous, but today she got to go on a walk and I didn’t. You see, momma had to get to her dancing and schoolwork and her dad took Jazzy for a walk. He can’t control two dogs and I’m really momma’s responsibility and she had to start at 8:30 and it was already 8:00. I gave momma my “I’m so hurt” eyes and she promised to take me out as soon as schoolwork’s all over! Yesterday, momma took me to Bam Bam’s Holistic Pet Center to get a harness and the lady who runs the place cooed over me and said I was gorgeous. She was holding me and rubbing my belly. Then she said she wanted to take me home and momma was like “Wait a moment! Give her back to me!” BOL! Like I’d want to go anywhere where momma wouldn’t go! She’s such a jealous girly! She says I am too because I hate it when she kisses my fur siblings. Well, gotta go do puppy stuff! Chewed that votey bone of yours! :) ~Suki ♥

Come visit me, .•*´¨`*•. Suki.•*´¨`*•, Angel Shasta Sep. 5, 2002 to Oct 19, 2009 † Thank you for DOTD! ♥, Doggie Photo Place *Closed temporarily*, Jazzy

5/17/2012 2:51:42 PM

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