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Just like Pokey said we think you guys are great. We may not ever get on anymore, but it's nice to know you guys are here.



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I lived across the road from my owner's church... I was being abused, and my new family rescued me.

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10/19/2013 12:00:00 AM

Hi Riley,

Glad to know you. Looks like you all live on a farm. I'm a city girl.

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5/24/2012 6:23:44 AM

HI guys

Yesterday, my brother who is bigger than me was chasing me, and I ran away. Mom called me back and I was coming than he came after me again and I got scared. Mom walked around looking for me in the woods, but she had my brother on a leash so I didn't want to come. She decided that I had just wen to play in the creek and that I would be back soon. Later when it was dark she came out and called for me again, I started to come t o her but my brother came out to me and I started to run again. Mom put my brother on the porch and then came running out to get me.... I came tio her this time and she scolded me for scaring her like that, but then she petted me alot and gave me treats cause she was glad to see me.

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5/13/2012 1:01:08 PM

HI Riley

Daddy and Uncle Bob have been working on making Cheese Presses for this lady out of Maple in Daddy's workshop. Mommy said I drove her nuts yesterday with my constant whining, wanting Daddy to come back out of his workshop! I DID NOT DO THAT! First, I do NOT know how to drive anything so how could I drive her nuts? Secondly, if I was gonna drive someting of hers, it would be her CAR, not her nuts. I didn't even know she had any nuts much less one big enough to drive! Well my left eye looks much better but my right eye looks like my left eye did so Mommy is putting the eye drops in my right eye AND my left eye now! Daddy said it is probably my orneryness coming out! I don't think so, but if it is, they should be happy! After it all comes out, I should be a really good boy, wouldn't ya think? Now that my right eye looks like my left eye did, and it was crusty and had matter in the corner this morning, Mommy and Daddy talked it over and decided that it wouldn't hurt to use the eyedrops in the right eye, too. They wonder if I scratched the right eye as well as the left one. My left eye looks better, so for now, I get to "Double My Pleasure, Double My Fun." Eyedrops in 2 eyes instead of just 1! At Tricks Class yesterday we pretty much just reviewed what we already knew and practiced what we were supposed to be learning. Mommy and Daddy took our Hula Hoop along and we jumped through the hoop, too. We "performed" while customers in the store stopped and watched, Ooohed and Ahhed and told us how smart we are and how cute we are...all kinds of terribly embarrassing praise! I was probably more embarrassed about all the attention we were getting than Maya was. I mean, you know how much I hate being the center of attention. How I would rather just blend into the background rather than stand out and be noticed. After all, I am a shy little wallflower. I need someone to help draw me out of my shell so I can fully enjoy life and not be so introverted and maybe end up being a recluse. Well, I better go practice my socializing skills so I can try to draw myself out and be a little more extroverted in my encounters with others. PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie Cairn Cuddles, Maya

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4/30/2012 6:32:27 PM

Hi Riley

We didn't get to go on Wednesday with Mom and Dad either...way too warm! Well Mommy and Daddy have been busy this week and believe it or not I have been such a good puppydog that it hurts....literally, I am about to explode! I feel like Vesuvious and Mt. St. Helens all wrapped up into one! I haven't been perfect, mind you, and I never will be, but I have been a good boy ALL WEEK!So has Maya. Well, wait a minute, that's not quite true. Maya has NOT been a good boy all week, she's been a good girl! ...Bahhahahaha BOL! My bad... Ya know what? This being good junk kinda pays off sometimes. I have actually been allowed to run around outside in the big yard off leash! when I'd run up toward the road, head for the woods or down the field toward the lake, Mommy would yell "Chewie, no! Stop! and I would stop, look back at her, and then she would signal me back and say "Chewie come on, let's go"! and I would come back! Okay, hold all applause until I get the whole story told, please. I know it's hard but practice a little self control, NOBODY knows how hard THAT is more than me, believe me, but if I can do it, you can do it! Back to the story. I haven't torn the stuffing out of one single toy this week, my jumping on people has been minimal, I have worked hard at learning my tricks AND, wait for it, wait for it.... I didn't have to be crated when Mommy and Daddy did their marathon shopping trip on Wdnesday! I was loose with Maya for a pretty good stretch of time. We BOTH gave them a royal welcome, not soon to be forgotten and boy were we rewarded! We got a brand new pillow bed the size for Big Dogs! We each got a new bouncy chew toy, more chew sticks and more treats to use in our tricks training! Talk about hitting the jackpot and we didn't even have to go to sin city (for the sheltered ones out there, thats Vegas, Baby! I learned that from that black box they watch all the time..hehe) What happens in Washington, stays in MY HOUSE! Yeah! I don't know how long I can keep this up without demon dog making a brief appearance, but I am going to milk this for all it's worth. Sucking up can get you anything...well not ANYTHING but a pretty good haul! I'll keep you informed on this one! You might want to give it a try in the meantime! PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie Cairn Cuddles, Maya

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4/26/2012 5:52:13 PM


Today, Mom took me for a walk and she had to go back inside to get something, and I ran off. I took my brother with me and then I got distracted and Mom had to come get me. My brother ran right to her, of course he's still young. BOL!! Anyway then we went for a walk and I pulled her through the woods. We were about to go home when I smelled something awesome and I took off like a streak of lightening. Moms arm nearly popped off and she nearly went (fell) in the woods again. later dogs, Ri

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4/24/2012 6:50:54 PM

we r glad that we can b friends :)

a nice day to you both. ol

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4/17/2012 3:59:36 PM

The Sweetest

You guys are great! I sure hope you decide to be in our photo album. We have lots of pictures of lots of is so cool! I sure am glad we met you guys so we can be friends! Cairn Cuddles, Maya PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie

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4/16/2012 6:26:05 PM

Good Evening!

Mommy took the dog some food and she talked to him. When she asked him where his kitty was his ears perked up. He'll sit and watch her but if she starts getting close he starts backing off. Maybe tomorrow! No sign of the kitten. Love ya!

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4/15/2012 6:34:27 PM

thanks for stopping by u 2!!!

happy sunday to all :) your friend ol

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4/15/2012 12:14:08 PM

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