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10/19/2013 12:00:00 AM

Evening boys

TGIF!!!! Grabbing ur bones 2 chew on while trapped in the crate!I tore my ccl and now I'm on cage rest and have 2 have surgery!!I'm a very BORED boy.Right now I'm chillin' on moms bed using her knee 4 a pillow enjoing the cool breeze from the fan :)....awe this is the life!Abby farted on moms leg and then jumped up and ran 2 my cage so I asked 4 a boost up :).I can watch the neighbors from here just waiting 4 some1 2 get close enough 2 the property line 4 me 2 get my bark on :D! Hope u boys r having an AWESOME start 2 ur Memorial Day weekend!!!BWYL,Gambit & Abby

Come visit me, Angel Balto I L ♥ ve Angel Chiba, Angel's Oscar and Luka

5/25/2012 5:55:06 PM

Morning Dillinger

Well I don't really MIND the rain so much it just makes me do my bizz a lil' faster,but I prefer snow!We had a Siberian Husky bro till he crossed the rainbow bridge last summer,he use 2 play with me in the snow :)that was soooo much fun!!Abby on the other hand will play with me in the snow ,but isn't a Fan of either 1.Hope ur having an awesome weekend and ur all caught up on ur missed sleep!!!As always left a vote.BWYL,Gambit

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5/12/2012 8:14:04 AM

Evening Dillinger and Titan

AWWW!Glad u didn't seem 2 mind being at the kennel 2 much Dillinger!!It's alwas best 2 be at home of course!So Sorry 2 hear poor Titan didn't do so well at the kennel!!!We're sure u 2 attacked ur parents in TRUE Pittie fashion and gave them a good kissing 2 tell them HOW very much u missed them!I don't think either of us would like the kennel and I'm pretty sure Abby would scream her head off pretty much the whole time.U shoulda HEARD her at the vets last Fall when she had an oral tumar removed.She was so loud momma could hear her from the parking lot!I'm more a barker myself when momma leaves me I think I have 2 bark 2 scare away the monsters till she returns,bol!Hope ur enjoing a wnderful Monday!Left u boys votes.Bark with ya later,Gambit & Abby

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5/7/2012 4:13:26 PM

Evening Dillinger

No we didn't get sprayed by the skunk,much 2 mommas delight!!!We just gotta bark at him from inside!SOME1 did though and boy I bet there mommy wasn't HAPPY about it!!R momma was gagging from just the scent thatr had seeped in2 r kitchen!Hope ur time away from ur parents was fun!!!I've never had momma leave me 4 more then a few hours,but BAWL like a baby the whole times she's gone according 2 the tattletail neighbors ;)!!Left a vote.BWYL,Gambit

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5/4/2012 5:27:22 PM

Hello Everydog♥ Delilah and Maggie here with an update! We are very sorry about not being on sooner to blog. Our aunt has been super busy with school. We were going to get on, and blog to everyone yesterday, but our aunt went to her boyfriend's house. She hadn't seen him since Sunday because he got his tonsils taken out, and he hasn't been at school. Our aunt has to take her EOC tests from Tuesday through Thursday next week. She has been busy studying, and trying to do any work she has missed. We probably wont be on much text week, but we will try our best. We were hoping that our aunt was going to come over this weekend, but she called our mommy, and told her that she wasn't going to be able to make it over. She told our mom that she would probably be coming over next weekend though. Y'all are going to be so proud of us! We have only had a few little accidents in the house this week. Our mom is very proud of us. We also have been doing a lot better about being on a leash. We are very use to our new home now, and we will now go into any part of the apartment without getting nervous, and turning back around. Our human brother and sister are doing good, but our sister has been sick. She had an ear infection, and didn't go to school the other day. We were super happy about that because we got to lay down with her all day. As long as she is asleep, so are we! We didn't get any snow. It's actually been warm the past few days. In the 70's to be exact. Our aunt has been wearing shorts. One of the days that she wore shorts it became a huge thunderstorm. We don't like storms very much. Everytime we heard it thunder we jumped. Anyway, she got soaked by the rain. Hehe. Guess that'll teach her to look at the weather next time. We are really happy to announce that we are almost to 100 votes! Our aunt is very proud of us, and our mommy is too. We just want to thank all of you for voting for us, and for coming by with your very sweet and sometimes funny blogs. We will do our best to do personal blogs tomorrow. Have a nice night. ♥ Delilah & Maggie

Come visit me, Delilah & Maggie♥ ((Offline))

4/27/2012 8:14:21 PM

Hello Everyfur♥ Delilah and Maggie coming by with a copy and paste. We haven't had to do one of these, but our aunt is really busy right now. Since is summer is coming up, and school is about to be out in about three weeks, our aunt has to study for a lot of tests. We are sure glad that we puppies don't have to do any kind of test. Please bare with us about our blogging. Our aunt is still going to try to help us blog everyday, but sometimes she might not be able to, and she will not be able to help us blog this weekend. We hope everyone is alright with that. It's a beautiful, but really cold day here in East Tennessee. The weather people are calling for snow, whatever that may be. Our mom was telling our human brother and sister about it, and they got really excited. We don't know what this "snow" is, but whatever it is, it needs to not come. We've been being really good puppies here lately, and have really been working on not using the potty in the house. We get really excited when we do something good because our mommy gets really excited, and her voice gets really happy. Our human brother and sister have been leaving and coming back home everyday. We are getting use to the times that they get home because we start barking, and yelping around the time they are supposed to get in the house (they can hear us before they get in the apartment). We love our new home so much, and we love dogchannel a lot to. We would like to thank everyone for all of our votes, and for being our friend(: Have a wonderful day! ♥ Delilah & Maggie

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4/24/2012 3:38:37 PM

Hey Dillinger, So happy that we can be friends! You sure are a handsome fellow. How are you doing today? ♥ Delilah

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4/23/2012 8:56:59 AM


Would you like to be friends? Delilah

Come visit me, Delilah & Maggie♥ ((Offline))

4/21/2012 1:49:30 PM

howdy dillinger!!!

happy saturday :) your friend oompa

Come visit me, Oompa Loompa

4/21/2012 12:53:28 PM

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