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Going to make some major changes on our account. Will be removing some dogs. Sad to say that Lobo has passed away and will be joining the angels page. Domino has a UTI, Onyx is doing fabulous and her and Promise get along like best friends now. The turtles are good. I am getting tired of my job since my boss dislikes me so much for no known reason and I'm looking elsewhere for a new one. Hoping that by making these changes on my account I'll be able to get on more often. Lobo had gotten really sick within a months time-span. He had given up. So we brought him to the vet to see if they can diagnose him with something, ANYTHING. But as soon as we got there and I placed him on the examination table, he kind of just toppled over and laid there. The vet walked in and asked if he was still alive. I nodded and he highly recommended euthanizing him. It was a VERY difficult decision, but I know it was the right one seeing as he had given up when we got there and accepted the fact that he was dying. I figured it was time I accepted it too. To make matters worse, this all occurred on my birthday on August 12th. I sent to get him cremated and am now awaiting the arrival of his ashes. It is still hard to believe, but I've grown to accept it. We love you all and apologize for going MIA again. Love, Momma Ruby♥ .



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I was abandoned by my first family. They bought me from a breeder and sent me with a friend to be babysat until they came back from a month-long vacation. Three months had passed by and my caretakers were trying their hardest to get in contact with my family. Phone calls, texts, emails. And nothing. They were not interested in keeping me. So they sought a new family for me. They spoke to a mutual friend of ours who immediately contacted me when she heard about what had happened. I had no intentions on keeping her either - Only fostering her until I found her a new home. But what can I say. I grew attached. She's been mine ever since.

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10/19/2013 12:00:00 AM

hello everyone im sorry for the copy and paste but so much has been goin on :( mom lost buffy to cancer, she had to give up Teamo cause she had to move an teamo wasent getting along with domino she kept gettin hurt by his clumsy self, abby an graffiti got into a dog fight with a stray dog that came at them an while prectin thereself the badly injured the other dog :/ moms been going through hard times though is trying to put on a smile for us all though in the meantie she has gotton 2 new dogs a black labrador and some kinda mixed breed moms unsure but we found them tied up in are barn one night when she went to check on her horses she dont know how they got there or who would do that to them from Otis, Domino, Blitz, Coyote, Cassidy, Rumor, and Bailey Ann

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5/28/2012 3:16:20 PM

5/19/2012 9:17:47 PM

Hi Lobo!

Hey buddy! TOO cool your mom got a job at the doggie daycare,what does she do all day? You'll have to let us know! My Momm might apply at the one down our street pretty soon. Sounds like a super fun job, playing with us puppies all day, BOL! Don't it?! I love your new pictures, pup, looks like your having tons of fun, hehehehe. It's so gloomy here today, not a good sunbathing day for me, mum or Tate the turtle!! Hope your doing well! Sending love and snugglies your way! :)

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4/23/2012 7:49:01 AM


Mom needs to make me a page on y'alls channel because Amber is going to take me off and put up her sister's two new Doxie puppies! They are 15 weeks old. Mom is going to visit them this weekend!

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4/20/2012 7:39:12 AM

Vote 1,428

4 my Handsome & Scruffy friends!!! Love ya'll,Abby

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4/15/2012 3:53:39 PM


So sorry to hear of Kevin & Flicka's passing. Sorry to hear your mom's break up with her bf. If he was expressing an interest in other girls then it is best she breaks it off. Mom & dad stayed home on Easter, mom made a ham but we didn't get any. Our big news is that we are going to the kennel on sunday, will be there from sunday until tuesday morning. Mom & dad are leaving monday morning for Jamaica for mom's niece's wedding to return late the following monday the 23rd. That is why mom put the offline note as she will probably not going to check our blogs. Will let everyone know how the trip went after they are home and settling back in the work schedule once again. Have a great day, talk with everyone after we are back home, left a vote, Molly

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4/13/2012 8:38:37 PM

Hi Lobo!

Hope you're having a nice day. The weekend is finally here! We have not been able to keep up with DC again. Every day has been so busy. First we want to say thanks to everyone who voted for Brandon in the DCP contest :) That was a surprise since we hadn't been on the past few days! And congratulations to everyone else on the contest also! Well, yesterday was not a very good day for us. It started out great, the garbage was left down accidentally and Brandon knocked it over. But then when mom saw it she was not happy! Then it didn't go too well for us...it just happened we all had a vet appointment then for blood tests. Brandon didn't even notice...he was busy sniffing and saying hi to everyone :) Then today was better. Muffin had 2 therapy visits. The little Yorkie mix Yukon was there today. Those two are so cute together! Left a vote...have a pawsome night! *hugs* Muffin, Brandon and Peanut

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4/13/2012 5:51:26 PM

Evil Eye.....

Well it certainly appears you have had a string of bad luck so maybe a talisman is in order!! I am so sorry about your bf. Even if its mutual there is still that sting after the breakup. If it wasn't meant to be then you move on though and hopefully you will meet someone even better!! Keep yourself busy to keep your mind off of it. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. It was a good day. I went out to dinner and got a purse I had had my eye on. Our weather has turned chilly so the day could have been warmed but what can you do? I am terribly sorry abt your pets. It's hard when you have taken care of them lovingly & then something like that happens. A big hug to you from me....Joy & LilyPup

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4/12/2012 4:05:28 PM

PS How's Juicy???? Moo

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4/12/2012 12:36:26 PM

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