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I saw a family with him when he was about 4 months old and i said i loved him and they really could not afford to keep him, so they said: do you want him? and the rest was history :)

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10/19/2013 12:00:00 AM

Hi Oompa Loompa

Geez I was beginning to think I wasn't ever going to get the 'puter back! My moms like a hurricane, full of hot air! BOL I sure hope you had a fantastic weekend. We had a very good weekend here, went to a dog show in Maumee, OH just on the southern end of Toledo. It was supposed to rain all weekend but it didn't and the weather was beautiful! Nice and cool with a breeze blowing the whole weekend. Mom and I both loved it! I went along of course to give the pups pointers on how to show properly and this time Gwen listened and actually walked around the ring! She looks lots better when she walks and dad doesn't have to carry her! BOL Blade took reserve winners dog both Sat. and Sun. (the dog that kept beating him finally finished his championship so mom says, good he's out of our way now we can win some points! She's so silly!) Lance and AJ did really good too considering they were up against that dog that kept beating Blade, they came in second to him out of a class of 5 so they were better this weekend too! It was a good weekend all around. Mom even managed to find a scrapbooking store up in Maumee and she went and found all kinds of cool things. Dad even found some kind of tool store and got some really cool things so everyone was having fun this weekend! Looks like we are supposed to have a beautiful week weatherwise and a gorgeous weekend, I sure hope it stays that way! Have a really great evening! Voted. Your little buddy Merlin

Come visit me, Merlin

6/4/2012 12:48:37 PM

Hi there Oompa Loompa

Of course I will take you with me when I go to Alaska, cute dogs are always welcome! I will make sure to give you plenty of notice so you can pack up your things and we'll plan on a midnight escape so "frankenfurter" is asleep! It sure sounds like a plan to me. Merlin is coming too so you two will have fun together! ~Merlin's Mom

Come visit me, Merlin

6/4/2012 12:47:43 PM

Hi Delilah Belle

Whatwhoa, I'm only cuban by heritage, I was born in Canada so I'm a canadian citizen and that cuban citizen recall wouldn't apply to me :) I promise I will keep the weiney jokes to a minimum. ~Merlin (I really need to remind oompa loompa to watch out when he reads my messages and make sure certain dogs aren't around!)

Come visit me, Merlin

6/4/2012 12:44:44 PM

Hi Oompa Loompa, here's a paw on that bone of yours. Oh boy, all the treats for you then, since the boss don't like apple. On a raft floating down the hudson now! Well, we did get sometime out yesterday, in between thunder storms and heavy rains. But I still have mom in the house when it rains to love on me. Of course except for when she's in the barn or riding in the indoor on the horses. And of course it's pouring rain again today, and they say almost all week, YUK, I'll have to go down to the indoor with mom and run around in there. But that's fun, it's like being at the beach with the nice sand to roll in! BOL! Harley.

Come visit me, Angel Harley, Well as most of you know, I got my Angel Wings. I'm watching over my Girl Sheba from above, and now can see her pretty face and her playing. Thanks Dani, for vote #21,600!, Honey, Mom's very please for the most part on how well my training is coming. I want to say, it's only been a short time for me on DC, but I'm sure gonna miss all my furfriends! Thank you Angel Scooby for vote 1200!

6/4/2012 11:08:11 AM

My Buddy O L :-)

I'm grabbing your vote bone really fast because Dog Channel is supposed to go offline in a few minutes for a couple of hours so that they can make some Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes (bol) to it. Sure hope they aren't Major (Tom) Hugs and belly rubs :-) ♥ Me ;-)

Come visit me, Bella #178688 DC MEMBER SINCE May 20, 2010

6/4/2012 9:56:55 AM

Hey Oompa Loompa :)

Woah Oompa you were right! Yo should be a doggy physic! Read my paw well you bol? :p :) I'm so so so so so so so so so so so so so HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And guess what the vet called mommy and I'm gonna get one of my tumors removed!!!! It might hurt but with DOTD award i can face anything!! Yay! BBS ♥ Charlie

Come visit me, ♦ Batman ♦ Happy Howldays, :) Past Angels :), ~R.I.P~Charlie~

6/4/2012 6:48:26 AM

Hi Oompa Loompa!

You are just soooooooo cute!!!

Come visit me, Bambi, Pepper

6/4/2012 12:23:08 AM

Hey Sweet Buddy

Thanks for all the votes & blogs, but especially vote #1001. I prefer odd numbers to even numbers anyway...heh heh. I heading over to vote for Charlie now. adios--benny

Come visit me, Kaia & Angel Benny

6/3/2012 8:19:00 PM

Hi OL...

It was chilly this morning, but it felt so good this time of year. We had a warm winter, and hopefully we'll have a cooler summer. Wouldn't that be nice? Harley is my friend, too. He only lives about 1/2 hour north of us in NJ. We are going to meet them this August at the NJ State fair. How far are you from us in NJ? Have a wonderful nightg, my friend, and lets hope this nice weather continues...Shiloh Snuggles...Takoda

Come visit me, Angel Takoda - Rest in Peace - 12/15/02 - 5/11/14 - Thank you all for your beautiful blogs, cards, and well wishes. It means so much to us.. We will be off-Line as we are dealing with our loss. Thank you so much for you thoughts, prays and comments..

6/3/2012 5:46:38 PM

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