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This snow is not cozy!


Mambo Cozy Time!

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I adopted Mambo along with my other Dog Simba from an animal shelter.Mambo was in the pen next door and had developed a bond with the extremely shy Simba. mambo helped us to gain Simba's trust.

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10/19/2013 12:00:00 AM

Surprise Nomination •° Wed •° April 18th

. Vote Mickey 231597 <> Wed, April 18th <> Surprise Nomination by Sasha Belle ``Can we play Frisbee?`` Mickey's a Handsome Border Collie and has the cutest nicknames ``Mickey Mouse, Blue Man, Fluffers.`` Mickey`s a smarty and knows Agility and Frisbee the best! He can also sit, shake, lay down, beg, rollover, High-5!! Let's Welcome Mickey to DC, at his first attempt for a dotd badge, let the voting begin on Wed, 4/18! TeamDotd •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° ~Happy Birthday`s~ Cessna 196074 Barney 75657 & CC 74382 Pippins HC 11626 . ~DC Anniversary's~ Angel Anakin 1st Yr @ RRB 226227, Angel Spike 21721 ~5 years~ Brutus Maximus 21722 ~5 years~ •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° . MONTH OF APRIL ~:•:~ APPRECIATE DAILY VOTES . DOTM: COOPIE GIRL 31897 COTM: INDIE 208247 HOTM: Angel Pixie Dust 101958 ROTM: Slinky 231617 { Slinky belongs to Nico & Goog on DC } . TEAM DOTD NEWS °• WednesDAY °• APRIL 18, 2012

Come visit me, *Audrina Star* Congratulations ***Angel Scooby*** Winning July DOTD/DOTM, *Gracie* Congratulations ***Angel Scooby*** Winning July DOTD/DOTM

4/18/2012 1:01:12 AM

Hi Mambo

Well, it is the morning of Friday the 13th and so far all is well! I am up early, Mom has some Yard Sales to check out today! Thanks for voting and helping to make Campaign Coopie a great success! We are getting close to the half way point in my DOTM Quest! Woofs, Coopie

Come visit me, "Buddy" 5/11/2003 - 7/2/2014, RIP Coopie 12/19/95 - 09/18/14, Scooby

4/13/2012 4:42:50 AM

~*~ Mambo ~*~ Happy 4 year Anniversary on DC

.*. .*. ♥ .*. ♥ .*. ♥ .*. ♥ .*. . Mambo Happy Anniversary Weekend .*. Sunny today tomorrow were expecting Rain (Spring Showers) to grow pretty flowers .*. Happy 4 year Anniversary on DC, looking for in more adventures and building on memories. We LOVE YOU !! Las Vegas Gals Tiffany .*. Misha

Come visit me, ~*♥*~ Our Sweet Baby Girl `LiL Sissy `†` Angel Taylonnie `†` {10/10/08~9/5/11} ~*♥*~ ~♥~Congratulations ANGEL SCOOBY, Winning Angel DOTD~n~DOTM ~4~ JULY~♥~, Misha ~Little Bear~ ~*~♥~*~Congratulations ANGEL SCOOBY, Winning DOTD ~n~ Angel DOTM ~4~ JULY~*~♥~*~, Tiffany ♥ Bandit ~*~♥~*~Congratulations ANGEL SCOOBY, Winning DOTD ~n~ Angel DOTM ~4~ JULY~*~♥~*~

3/24/2012 1:00:25 PM

Hi Mambo

Happy Anniversary. I hope you had a great day. leaving you a vote. Kisses, Shotgun

Come visit me, ♥Angel Shotgun♥ Please vote Angel Scooby #176110 July DOTM!, ♥Angel Squint♥ sending love to my friends

3/24/2012 11:42:15 AM

Happy 4th DC Anniversary!

We hope you had a special day. Here's a vote for ya! :) 8==8 Yukon

Come visit me, ., .., In Loving Memory of Indigo, Peaka & Yukon

3/23/2012 11:53:19 PM

Hello Mambo

We are stopping by to wish you a Happy 4th Anniversary on DC! Hugs & a vote, Elvira, Destiny & Jolene

Come visit me, Elvira, Jolene & Angel Destiny

3/23/2012 4:36:00 PM

2143 ~:*:~JUST HAVING FUN~:*:~

EUGENE, OREGON WEATHER REPORT: The temperature was high 45 & low was 30 this morning, now it's 44 feels like 43 with humidity 79% & wind is 11 MPH N. Saturday's suppose to be Showers & High 55. ~...>*<...~♥~...>*<...~♥~...>*<...~♥~...>*<...~♥~...>*<...~ Mom was watching TC through the window of the kitchen door last night as he was having fun playing with his toys then running from the sliding door to the back door and back. Mom then went out in the back room to play with him some and he had a blast with trying to get the mousie from mom and taking off with it in his mouth. Mom acted like she was coming back in the main house and he came running at her meowing then pawing and trying to bite mom's leg. Mom thought he was so funny!!!! The sun☼ was shining beautifully all day and the air was warm, but still a touch cool to it. Mom's Daphne, plants and flowers survived the heavy wet snow which the snow is also melting fast. I has mom time on the couch this morning then I laid down. Mom got up and did a couple pages of scrapbooking with Pappoose's 10366 Queenship photos and some of the writings. ~...>*<...~♥~...>*<...~♥~...>*<...~♥~...>*<...~♥~...>*<...~ Please vote for Pappoose in the CC Name Contest everyday til April 13th. Here's the link: [Now on page 9] ((Be sure to delete the empty spaces also if you have entered, too, please vote for yourself instead)) Thank You!!! You can read our messages on the CMR page 46883 as we try to make it a point to post one there everyday. ...~:♥:~...PLEASE VOTE FOR 2012...~:♥:~... **VOTE COTD on CC Saturday March 24, 2012 for: .~:*:~.FREE VOTE DAY.~:*:~.on CC. COTM CANDIDATE ON CC FOR MARCH 2012 IS: .~:*:~.SAMMY 93915.~:*:~. **Vote DOTD on DC Saturday March 24, 2012 for: .~:*:~.C.J. 202727.~:*:~. on DC. DOTM CANDIDATE ON DC FOR MARCH 2012 IS: .~:*:~.LADY FIONA 11593.~:*:~. on DC .~:*:~.MOOSE MOOKO 162309.~:*:~. on DC Here's a Knight Gang vote for you. Kitty Kisses, (((*RHOAMIN KNIGHT #2921*))){COTM King ~ July 2008} HAPPY 4 YEAR DC ANNIVERSARY TO YOU MAMBO. Here's a vote for you. Hugs, CARLY KNIGHT #11000 {DOTM Queen of Nov 2011}

Come visit me, ♥CARLY KNIGHT #11000♥ Forever Sleep 9-15-1998 to 1-18-2013, WILBUR KNIGHT #260132 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: VOTE RBB SCOOBY #176110 ~ JULY 2016 DOTM :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 7/19/2016 Thankx Sheba #254588 for vote #8700

3/23/2012 4:07:00 PM


i hope you had a wonderful day and i'm sending you a basket of's a vote, peace, luv and angel puppy kisses...angel lita

Come visit me, Angel Lita -#102560-- VOTE FOR DOTM A. SCOOBY #176110..CONGRATS AL. GANG

3/23/2012 3:22:50 PM

Hi Mambo...

Happy 4th Anniversary on the DC!!! Time goes by so fast, but we all are having so much on the DC...Have a great day, and left a vote....Shiloh Snuggles....Takoda

Come visit me, Angel Takoda - Rest in Peace - 12/15/02 - 5/11/14 - Thank you all for your beautiful blogs, cards, and well wishes. It means so much to us.. We will be off-Line as we are dealing with our loss. Thank you so much for you thoughts, prays and comments..

3/23/2012 12:00:14 PM

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