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3/17/2011: It has been a long year for us. I haven't been on dog channel because it was too heartbreaking. Last year, in April, we discoved that Bruiser had epilepsy. But not just any old case, he had what is known as cluster seizures. He would have approximately 8-12 seizure per episode. The first night he had a seizure we rushed him to the hospital. The doctor their told us that in this serious case, usually people just put their pup down because it's not a great quality of life. But my husband and I refussed to give up. So we put him on epileptic medicine and vitimans. We changed his food. We changed to all natural cleaning products. We tried adding oil to his food which was supposed to help. Unfortunately every 3-4 weeks Bruiser would expierence and episode. It affected him greatly and he would't be himself for days after. In August, Bruiser had had another episode, however, we could not get him to calm down at all. He had stood and wandered and continued to seize every 30 minutes or so for four hours. Fianlly when the vet opened we took him in and they agreed to take him for the day and perhaps give him liquid Valuum to calm his nerves. I got a call around 3 from the vet that Bruiser needed to be taken to an Emergancy Hospital. That he had turned blue and stopped breathing for about a minute or so. We were told that there was no way to tell what damage had been done, but that it was serious. My husband and I decieded after almost 5 months of seizing, and over 60 (that we are aware of) seizures, it was time we let out puppy angel go to heaven. He was in fact suffering even after all of our efforts. I still miss him everyay and the loss of him effected me in such a way. I will never forget my Bru-daddy who loved his mama so. 3/17/2010 I have always wanted a bulldog for as long as I can remember. I thought that I WOULD NEVER be able to afford one. My husband got deployed to Iraq in 2008-2009. It was hard on our family but he did make good money while he was over seas. When he came home (safe and sound thank goodness) My husband told me he was going to buy me a puppy. SO I did my research and stubbled across this local breeder (which is uncommon for where I live so it was almost like fate and we are still good friends with her) and she had just had a litter. We went and visited that weekend. I actually wanted to look at another pup. But when my husband and I saw Bruiser (or Big Boy as he was named by the breeder) we knew he was the one!

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