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Bailey Von Boo Boo Bear Autry

Bulldog | FEMALE | 5 YEARS OLD | Medora, IN

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: September 15, 2011


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Bailey Von Boo Boo Bear Autry

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How We Met?

I have been begging my husband, Ryan, for a Bully for 11 years. We were finally at a point in our lives where he agreed we could get one. We searched for a good breeder and put a deposit in. We waited for several months for one of the girls to get pregnant. When she finally did, she had all boys and we wanted a girl. We decided we would go ahead and get a boy. We picked one out and 2 weeks before we were supposed to get him, the breeder called and told us we could not have him due to his having an elongated palate and having to have surgery. I was absolutely devastated. The breeder was amazing and refunded our deposit. My mother-in-law breeds Bullmastiffs and had seen a litter of English Bulldog pups at her vets the week before. She told em to call the vet and get the name. I did, but I was thinking the entire time that they would never be the quality that the breeders we had found were. Well, we went the next day to look at the puppies and fell in love with Bailey. We brought her home that same day and have not regretted it since!!

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