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Daisy 118235 :)

Chihuahua | FEMALE | 13 YEARS OLD | Lodi, CA

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: January 10, 2009

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My owner just created a new home page for me.

Daisy 118235 :)

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How We Met?

When our neighbor gave me to my mom I had lived at our neighhbor's house for 2 and a half years before I went to mommy's house. I guess that's kinda confusing sorry. And I lived with my sister Dixie 4 2yrs. Our neighbor had to give away me because she's is a registered dog breeder. She always has newborn puppies at her house. Since I like to be the center of attention, And she couldn't give me much attention with those newborn pups around she had to sell me.

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