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This page highlights some of the new features and changes to Club Dog. More features will be added in the coming weeks and months so keep checking back. If you still have questions after reading this page, please visit this forum thread that we set up for questions. Our moderator will be checking in to help and other club members should be answering questions as well.

Logging In To Club Dog

  • The Login button is on the top right side of every page(1)
  • You can now use Facebook Connect for convenience(2)
  • Your activity on DogChannel will not show on Facebook. It is only for quick and easy login

Logging In To Club Dog

  • After you log in, the buttons change(3)

Logging In To Club Dog

  • When you are logged in, 3 items are added to the right side all DogChannel pages
    • My Account link(4)
      • Changes to My Account are detailed later in this document
    • The number of votes that all of your dogs have received since being on DogChannel(5)
    • The number of unread messages and a link to your inbox(6)
  • When you are on Club Dog pages, the following links are also available:
    • My Account(7)
    • Inbox(8)
      • Contains messages from your dogs' friends and messages that you sent
    • Friends(9)
      • This is where you manage your friends, which is detailed later in this document
    • Account Settings(10)
      • This section is about you, not your dogs. Create your human avatar which will be visible when you comment on articles. Update your email address, password or display name
    • Help(11)
    • Logout(12)

My Account

  • Notifications and Updates will include things like invitations to take a quiz, eCards or a notice when your friend requests are accepted
  • The Kennel is a feed of comments that you make or other dogs make on your profiles

My Account

  • The right side of the My Account page (not shown here) includes a Friends search box and an alert when you have friend requests, your Points Summary, links to your Dog Profiles, Quiz Summary, and quick links. Quick links included are inbox, create new message, eCard center, my awards, my progress report, my diplomas and my questions.

Dog Profiles

  • When you visit your dog's profile and you are logged in, you will see buttons to Edit your profile or Upload images
  • Other people visiting your dog's profile will not see these buttons
  • See the notes on the image below that highlight certain features of dog profiles
My Yard

Managing Friends

  • You can find new friends or make changes to your existing friends by clicking the Friends link on your Club Dog navigation buttons(13)
  • After you click the Friends link, you will land on the Manage Friends page
  • It defaults to search For New Friends(14) and if you click My Friends Only(15) you can search for a friend by their name
  • The SEE ALL FRIENDS(16) link bypasses the search function and shows you all of your friends. You can then choose to see only one of your dogs' friends or all by using the drop down list (18 on next screen shot)
  • VIEW BLOCKED USERS(17) shows you who you have blocked and allows you to unblock them. When you block a dog, all dogs in that family get blocked

Manage Friends

Manage Friends 2

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