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Heather #47791

Dalmatian | FEMALE | 17 YEARS OLD | Lexington, KY

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: November 18, 2007


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Heather #47791

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How We Met?

I'm a dental hygienist and a paitient told me there was a beautiful female Dal that had been at the shelter where she works for a week and her name was Heather, one of the sweetest dogs she had come across and thought if I saw her, I would fall in love. Thinking I didn't need a second dog, I waited a few days, but curiosity got the better of me and I went to meet Heather. I fell head over heels when I saw her beautiful face, blue eyes, and trademark bodywag. I did a few tests to check her hearing (the blue eye's being a link to deafness) and some temperament checks. I had another Dal at home and wanted the two to meet, also. I went back to work, then after I got off that day, I went home and got Domino and headed back to the humane society. The meeting went well. I adopted her and then she went to the spay clinic the next morning and I took her home that afternoon. She's been a wonderful companion, though we've worked hard on some issues she had early on, I've never looked back on adopting her. She opened may new windows to me and was there for me to help me through the loss of my first Dal, Dom

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