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Irie R.I.P.

German Shepherd | MALE | 19 YEARS OLD | new waverly, TX

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: February 13, 2009


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Irie    R.I.P.

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How We Met?

well, when i was 2 my dads friend came over with this adorable little puppy. now, we where never supposed to get a dog because my mom is really allergic to them, but this man let me play with the puppy and i really liked him. then the man told my parents that if he and the rest of his litter where not adoppted by the next day they where all going to be put down. after my mom heard about that she couldn't just let the puppy die so, we kept him. he grew it to a wonderful companion and great friend. untill a few months ago he was in great health( the vet even said he was amazed that Irie was still alive) but just before we moved to texas his health was failing FAST! in august he could still out run me to the barn, at the begining of september he was still running but slow, a week later he could only trot along and he started loosing weight. the next week he could only walk very slowly, and even though he had constant acses to food he continued to loose wieght. my dad said if he didn't look any better in the next few days we were taking him to the vet. well, he stayed the same for 3 days but on th emorning of the 4th day Irie could not stand up on his own. his hips had gone out(which is,i was told, an ailment that plauges this partcular breed.) and that was the end of my great dog. he had no more will to live. he couldn't chase chickens and he could no longer accompany me to the barn. so that morning we brought him to the vet and had him humainly uthanized.

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