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Nala *RIP*

German Shepherd | FEMALE | 20 YEARS OLD | Brookfield, CT



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Nala *RIP*

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How We Met?

Nala was only nutty because of the carelessness of what we think a previous owner. WE think she was bred for shows (she was a purebred) but thrown out to defend for herself because of her bad hips. She lived most likely on her own or with other strays not knowing when she'll find food or water next. But luckily, she was found and brought to a shelter. Where she recovered. She was NEVER food aggressive, although she did eat it like it was her last. As she got older, she could no longer do the things she loved, such as romping around the yard. It got so bad that at one point she just lay in bed all day, not even getting up to eat. This was when I wished that she would die. I was only in fourth grade so I had no idea why I would wish something so TERRIBLE. I hated the fact that I'd even come up with such a thought. But soon, my mother called the vet. She didn't want to haul Nala to the vet becuase she was so old. I said good bye, gave her a hug and a kiss, and left for school, not knowing what lay ahead. The vet came while I was at school. My mother didnt want me there because she didn't feel I was mature enough. In a way I wasnt, but now that im older, I wish I was there to make her last moments that much better. When I came home, I saw her bed was missing. I knew right away she had died. I burst into tears, I had lost the best dog, my only dog that I had ever had. I'd never see her again...I'd have to wait until I too died and went to heaven with her. A few weeks after she died, I was riding my bike when I remembered how miserable she looked before she died. 'She was suffering' I thought. then I realized, that was why I wished for her to die. I hated seeing her in so much pain, it was almost as painful for me as it was for her. I didn't want her to live that way.

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Buck & Friends

Buck & Friends she was a beautiful dog!!!!!!

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