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German Shepherd | MALE | 9 YEARS OLD | Seattle, WA

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: August 14, 2010


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In June of this year we found an abandoned female golden retriever. She looked liked she needed medical attention but we didn't know if she was owned by someone in our neighborhood. So we had to call animal control to have her picked up. We kept her for the night and the very next day they picked her up and told us she will be staying at the Tacoma Humane Society. I asked if we can check on her to see if anyone would claim her. They gave me a number to call and was always welcome to visit her. When I called the next day they told us she had to go into surgery because she had really bad tumors. We were worried about her so we decided to take a drive to the shelter and visit her. They told us she was scheduled for surgery the next morning and we couldn't visit her until after. So I called again and to my unfortunate surprise the owners claimed her. I was so upset that they allowed these owners to pick her up after what she had gone through. My husband wanted to go back and look at other dogs to cheer me up, so I agreed. Every time I looked at a golden mix I would start getting all emotional. Then we saw a dog totally different then a golden. He was with a boxer mix. He looked quite interesting and he caught our attention. Hubby was surprised I was even looking at a German Shepherd mix. Since I told him I was more interested in a golden or a lab. We decided to take him out for a test drive to see if we connected. We took him into another room and I tested him with some commands. He pretty much new a few commands but not all. He was so friendly and lovable. He sat right by us at all times. Our hearts melted and we decided he was the one.

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