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Samuel Wesley

Great Pyrenees | MALE | 9 YEARS OLD | Creston, OH

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: December 29, 2009


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Samuel Wesley

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How We Met?

Mom and dad were looking for a new companion for my sis, Esther. She's the nervous kind of dog and doesn't like to be left alone. So they came to visit the shelter where I was incarcerated. I saw them there on several occasions but they did not see me. I stayed in the dog house where I was tied up. Then on February 1, 2008 I saw them again. I'd heard that my days were numbered at the shelter...even though I am a pure bred no Great Pyrenees rescue came to rescue me...well...when I saw mom and dad I knew they were the ones for me...so I poked my head out of the dog house and with one big "WOOF" got their attention. They turned around to see who could make that loud of a bark over the other hundred or so other dogs all woofing for their attention. And there I was. Caked in mud..slobber all over my face and mane. They came over to get a closer look. I could tell I made an impression on them. Mom told me later that she and dad kept talking about me..but kept saying...they didn't want another large dog..but they couldn't get me out of their minds or hearts. Mom started showing up almost everyday to see me and take me for walks at the shelter. I found out later she and dad put in an adoption application for me. At that point they were the only ones to do that but they had to wait so many days. During the waiting period 11 other applications were put in on me. But I didn't want those other people. I wanted my mom and dad. I had already decided!! One day mom came like usual and checked in at the desk to get a leash and asked about the application. They told here a decision had been made and they were so sorry that she and dad were not going to be able to adopt me. She came out and got me and she just kept crying and crying. She never said a word to me, just that she loved me and was going to miss me so much. While we were walking one of the girls in the office came running out and said, "You're Deb aren't you?" Mom said, "yes." "We made a mistake...Sammy is yours! You got him." Now mom really started to cry. I was so confused...first I felt deep sadness...now I felt deep joy from her..but she was still crying! WOMEN! Anyway, I went home with mom and dad the next day. They took me to get bathed and found out I was pure white except for just a hint of beige on my ears. The whole time they thought I was tan because of all the mud!! Haha those humans of mine!!

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