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Charlie Dunkin McGinn

Jack Russell Terrier | MALE | 13 YEARS OLD | Brockton, MA

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: January 26, 2007


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Charlie Dunkin McGinn

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How We Met?

Growing up my mom had always promised me that when we got a house with a nice fenced in yard I could have a dog. So in Sept. 2002 my parents bought a house we had a huge fenced in backyard I was so excited we had to have some work done on the house but by my birthday all I wanted was a dog so the weekend after my bday me and my mom stopped at the puppy store just to look and thats when I saw him there was at least 10 puppys in the crate all his brothers and sisters we were looking at his brother at first he was the fatty all cute and cuddlely then we saw Charlie the runt of the litter trying to hide in the corner and sleep I picked im up and he just slept in my hands he was so tiny at 6 weeks we left told my dad about him I cried when we left I wanted him so bad within a half hour we went back and git him he was all mine I couldn't believe it he was perfect.

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Dog Channel Breed Warz Award Club Dog Honoree Dog Wag Warz Winner

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