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Japanese Chin | FEMALE | 11 YEARS OLD | crestveiw, FL

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: August 13, 2008


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about three years ago i was feeling lonely and i needed something to cheer me up. so i had an idea "a dog" i asked mom and she agreed so off to the computer i went searching all different types of dog breeds. untill one day i was looking at the akc website and i stumbled across a cute looking dog that i knew was the one. a japanese chin. i loved the chin because of there color and the way they presented themeselfs and there carfree smiles. we live in northwest florida, so we had to find a breeder that was in florida or in are neighboring states. so after months of searching me and mom could not find a breeder neer by. the closest breeder was in california. i was devistated knowing that the one i needed was never going to come. about a month later mom anouced she was going on a buisness trip georiga for three days. i was a little sospecious about the trip, but I thought nothing about it after words. the morning was mom was coming home i was asleep in my room. i was in a light sleep so i heard someone in the house i knew it was mom so i didn't worry. i felt something lite hit my chest and i opened my eyes and i saw a puged faced little ball of fur starring me in the eyes. i knew what it was. i was speachless. mom told me she got her in a small town called demopalis, georgia. she said the breeder was a friend of one of her co-workers. i named her fuji because of her japanese heritage. three years later i am a happier person. and me and fuji are unseprible.

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