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Labrador Retriever | MALE | 12 YEARS OLD | smithtown, NY

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: August 17, 2006


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I came across him on Petfinder and he looked very sad, skinny and sick. My dad drove me to the shelter(an hour away but he was worth it). He was there in a small cage with two adorable kittens who were skinny as well. He had one dirty and empty water bowl for all three of them and a spiltover can of dog food in the back. He was sitting there shivering sitting on top of the food in the back of the cage. It was really sad. They said the other older dogs kept picking on them. They called him "Calvin" and he was four months old. He had had an abusive owner and he was abandoned near the Rocky Mountains. Soon after he was found by a hiker on the MOUNTAINS. He was then moved from shelter to shelter till this one and I was just in time because he was soon going to be passed on. We asked about him and they gave us a certificate of birth. When I looked at the it said he was born on the exact same date as me. It was fate. So when I asked for him, they gave my dad a bunch of forms and asked him to pay $120 in donations. They gave me a bag of shivering bones called "Calvin". His condition was gruesome and it was appalling how they had just ignored his condition. They said the reason why he looked so sick and scared was because he was sick and we paid them and rushed out. We took him home and he was still skinny, sick but he wasn't all that scared anymore.he refused to eat so we took him to the vet (even though the shelter lady said he had been checked out by the vet there and he checked out fine) and we found he was terribly sick. In fact, he was diagnosed with an endocrinal and digestive disorder called EPA. He has to eat everything mixed in with an enzyme called Viokase. He hates the enzyme but has to if he wants to eat. Now he is used to eating the enzyme with everything and anything. He is very healthy and you can not tell he is any different than all the other "normal" dogs. Infact, we are going to take him to the vet soon and we think his EPA went away on its own. If it did, no more enzymes.

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