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Labrador Retriever | MALE | 9 YEARS OLD | mesa, AZ

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: October 4, 2007


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Hi I'm Hunter I'm a male chocolate lab and this is my story. My mom Ashley was looking for a puppy for 2 years before she came across an ad in the paper that said chocolate lab puppies 6 weeks old male and female $250-$300 then the persons phone # Ashley was so happy she immediately called her mother and told her about the puppies her mother called them..but no answer then her mom called again and finally somebody answered he told Ashley's mom that none of the puppies were sold yet. That night Ashley, her mom and her dad came to see the puppies first they seen the mother and father the mom was named Hershey and the fathers name was Cody with a C or a K. Then they went to see all the little pups in a medium sized shed in his backyard/front yard were 8 adorable chocolate lab puppies that anyone would fall head over heels for! Only one was a female and the rest were male my dog book says don't pick the puppy let the puppy pick you but the female picked me I wanted her but my mom only had $250 I seen this one little puppy hiding in a corner and put him out to play with his brothers and sister and he wouldn't stop following me!! so since that puppy was staying by me the whole time he picked me he jumped in my lap and gave me a big sloppy kiss and I knew this is the one. The guy lived in Apache Junction on a farm/Ranch along with his 2 chocolate labs and 2 horses he was a nice guy you could tell he was a very good dog owner because when I got done picking my puppy he gave him a kiss on his head and told him to be good in his new family after that I said to the guy well I think I'll name him Hunter and he said that is a wonderful name!! After that my mom drove us home and hunter started his new life on March, 1st,07

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