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Labrador Retriever | FEMALE | 8 YEARS OLD | Anaheim, CA

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: November 29, 2007


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How We Met?

Emma is a SHELTER SURVIVIOR! I went to the OC shelter it was her first day there. She was on hold because she was a stray. I went every day for four days to see her. All the other dogs barked and barked and ran to the front of the cage for affection or went scurry to the rear in fear. Emma just walked up and laid her head in my hand! I fell in love then. One day a chicken got loose at the shelter and went crazy running through the dog alley. There was barking, circling, jumping and did I mention barking, everyone was in an uproar. Then the chicken ran right up to Emma and stopped as if exhausted. Emma was already at the front of her cage and the only dog not barking. When the chicken got there she stuck her noise out a little and turned her head sidewise as if to say, “hi, who are you?” the chicken just stood there too. And then poof the chicken got it sense’s back and booked it straight out of the dog area. I knew right then she was my kind of dog. The animals are on a first come first serve basis and on day five they would open at 10AM. So I was going to be there at 6AM and be the first in line. Well, it was like Christmas Eve. Who can sleep when they are getting a dog tomorrow? I forced myself to sleep but I couldn’t. Then I thought, “what if someone gets there 15 minutes before me?” So I decided to got at 5:45AM. I played this game in my head until I just said the heck with it I have got to be there first and ended up at the Shelter gates at 3:45AM. Yes, fifteen minutes before 4 AM and I was there. The funny thing was that by 4:30 AM there were 4 of us waiting, all for different dogs. Needless to say Emma and I became one!

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