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Labrador Retriever | FEMALE | 16 YEARS OLD | Vancouver, WA

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: December 13, 2007


My owner just created a new home page for me.


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How We Met?

Well, this is how it happened... One dark, stormy night...hah! No way, it was actually quite breezy and nice when my mother brought me and my sisters into the world one night in June. See, my dad belonged to my current owner, who was just a little girl and my mom belongs to my owner's little sister...she still lives just around the corner from me, you know. Anyway, for the first few months of my life, Amanda {my owner} was always sneaking out to try to get a good look at us and to play with us, same thing when we were moved out to the yard in a little fenced run. I was the bully out of the litter AND the smartest ^_^ I learned how to dig out and I freed my sisters, too. So, Amanda's grandpa got the pick of the litter and he chose me to be his hunting dog. Well, Amanda went to live with them again right down the block and she trained me all by herself for hunting and everything. We grew up together with a lake in our front yard, a lake in the backyard and forest all the way around too, so I grew up playing in the woods with Amanda and neighborhood dogs and my job was to keep out the wild animals and feral dogs. After Amanda's grandpa died and since we'd grown up together and I listen best to her, I became hers and we moved from Minnesota out to Washington, where I've become a city dog. It's a lot different from the life I led back home but it'll be fine until we can move out into the country again...someday! =]

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