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Labrador Retriever | FEMALE | 8 YEARS OLD | Dickinson, TX

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: February 11, 2008


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My oldest son got diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor called medulloblastoma when he was 5 years old (Aug 2004), the week before he was to start kindergarten. There were complications after the surgery and he almost didn't survive because a piece of the tumor was scraped off of his brain stem, which is hyper-sensitive. The doctors suspected he would remain in a vegetative state, but he was made of stronger stuff than they knew. He began a heroic battle to prove them wrong. After enduring months of chemo and radiation, he slowly began to be able to do more and more things as his brain worked in overdrive to rewire itself. He made great strides everyday, and was able to go back to school in Jan 2006. Because he was in a wheelchair, could only somewhat talk due to the left side of his face and his left vocal chord being paralyzed, and because had to concentrate to make his extremities do what his mind knew they should be able to do, he had designated teacher aids that would work with him. My son went from being able to do nothing to being able to crawl, walk with assistance, talk, chew, breathe, and even play the Gamecube with his little brother, among many other activities we take for granted. He made wondrous strides all the way up to the day he got his angel wings on 3/27/07. He absolutely loved dogs, especially the Golden at his Oma and Opa's house and his Aunt and Uncle's Black Lab. It was amazing seeing how those two dogs, among others, reacted to his condition and would just snuggle up to him. He really wanted one, but we didn’t have time in our daily routine for one, nor could we afford one with all the medical bills. One of the wonderful aids that helped and cared for him daily in school has 2 registered Labs that had a litter of pups this past Christmas. She knew how much our boys wanted a dog, and now that our youngest son is an only child, she gave us our choice of the litter when the pups were 6 weeks old. Shadow has brought joy to our home and smiles back to our faces in the short time we’ve had her, and she is helping to fill the gaping hole in our hearts. She has a great personality and disposition, and she would’ve gotten along wonderfully with our oldest son.

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