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Eli † HOPE † Offline for a few days

Labrador Retriever | MALE | 12 YEARS OLD | Santa Cruz, CA

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Eli † HOPE † Offline for a few days

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How We Met?

Eli has a story that brings tears to my eyes when I tell it. 7 years ago to this day we saw him, curled up in a cage at the local shelter. We had just parted with a very loving Golden Retriever named Kacey. Kacey was our very first dog and we thought all dogs were as well behaved as him. We were in for a HUGE surprise! When we saw Eli our hearts nearly melted. His eyes were still closed and he had no teeth. He'd suck on our pinky finger when we put it through the bars of his kennel. He was just a 2 week old little labby mix boy. The shelter thought he was going to be blind because his eyes hadn't been opened yet. But sure enough when we came back a week later he was just starting to squint. What a precious site it was. We adopted him that day, at 3 weeks of age. The shelter said that Eli had been found on the side of the highway at 1 week old. This is hard because he hadn't had a chance to grow up with other dogs and have a dog mother. So now, when we leave the house he suffers strongly from separation anxiety. He was abandoned. ♥ Until Eli was able to walk without falling, he was the cutest and most precious thing you could imagine. But at about 6 weeks old the puppy/toddler personality kicked in. He was still cute, he was still sweet, but ever lasting energy. In the snow season when we wore hats and gloves, he'd knock me over to get at them. He may have only been a 40 pund boy, but his strength was amazing. He was also the vacuum of the house. He'd eat anything. We lived near a lake then. One day we were taking a hike around the lake and Eli jumped on a table and ate a mans potato chips. BOL!!! Eli had no manners what so ever. And we had thought all dogs were as well behaved as Kacey. But we loved Eli non the less. And sure enough, at 3 years old he started to calm down. Now he lives in a family of two others dogs. Eli is a lazy old man who has given us eternal love. He is a little lab, with a huge heart. We couldn't have asked for a better boy. With time, lots of patience, and love, Eli has become just as wonderful a dog as that 3 week old puppy who stole our hearts 7 years ago.

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Tiffany ~*♥*~ Bandit  ~Please, VOTE SHEBA #254588~ APRIL DOTM ~*♥*~ Congratulations ~Queen Angelina~ Winning DOTM March

Tiffany ~*♥*~ Bandit ~Please, VOTE SHEBA #254588~ APRIL DOTM ~*♥*~ Congratulations ~Queen Angelina~ Winning DOTM March *♥* Eli *♥* Happy 12th Birthday *♥* remembering all of our wonderful adventures on DC, missing you !!! Enjoy living in Santa Cruz *♥* we love Northern California *♥* Happy Celebration vote 1,204 *♥* Love and Hugs* Tiffany

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PONGO - PLEASE VOTE 4 HARLEY 167973/ANGEL 266490 4 DOTM!! RIP ANGEL RUFUS . . . . Hi Eli! I am dropping by on behalf of Gaby, Hope, Arial, and myself to wish you a very Happy Birthday and to give you this basket of bones and treats to enjoy and share with your siblings! I pawed you a vote! Love, Pongo

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Melian (In Loving Memory)

Melian (In Loving Memory) Happy Birthday! ________________________________________ I hope you have a wonderful birthday with all of your favourite treats and cake and tons of extra attention and presents. ________________________________________ Here's a delicious whipped cream cake so that you can celebrate in style! And a gift of my special saluki kisses. ________________________________________ Leaving a special birthday vote.

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