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Lhasa Apso | FEMALE | 23 YEARS OLD | Newark, DE

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: August 17, 2006


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My only child had been murdered 1 year prior & my pet Yorkie died the following year after his death. I could not stand coming home from work to an empty home. My Yorkie "Taffy" was such a delight and as small as she was she was Big in Spirit and heart, she was our Doberman, she protected our home like no other, so after 30 days I began my search for another pet. I lucked up on this meek little Lhasa, who just looked as if she needed a loving home. Unfortunately, after paying $750.00 for her 3 days later she ended up in the hospital with anemia, anerexia, malnutrition and almost died. I like any mother performed at the Pet shop called the authorities, the police and reported them to all agencies for selling sick puppies they sold her as 12 weeks old she was only 6 weeks old. My vet took great care & begged me not to return her to the store because they would either send her to another puppy mill or euthanize her, so we kept her. And for more than 14 years she has been our joy, needless to say, she does not like sharing her parents with our new addition to the family at all. We all sleep together, but I have to feed one, walk one, then repeat the procedure over for the other. But, I have faith one day they will get along. I love them both, they are my little girls...

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