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Maltese | MALE | 12 YEARS OLD | Corpus Christi, TX

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: October 18, 2007


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It was my first day of work. A man came in dropped off a kennel with a small white dog inside and said he knew nothing about it except that the dog hadn't come out in two days and that it was walking funny before it went into the carrier. The doctor examined the frail, white, little fuzz ball. He only weighed 3.6lbs, he was also severely dehydrated, had a puncture wound to his left sinus cavity, a deep lesion to his right eye lid and had a brain/spinal cord injury. At one time he had also broken his right front leg of which had not been corrected nor treated so it now is bowed and looks like he has an ankle. When the real owner finally showed up he said he didn't want to pay for the dog's treatment and to put it to sleep, he didn't want the dog any way it was too annoying because it barked all the time at him. At my clinic we do not do mercy euthanasia, so the owner told us to give back the dog or find a new home for it. I told the receptionist to get the mans information and I would take the dog. I was then informed by my manager not to get involved because the dogs injuries were to severe and its treatment would be extensive and very costly, I didn't care the little dog was going to die if it went back to that house . I got the information about the man and went home. I spoke with my boyfriend about the dog and told him that it was a life or death situation. My boyfriend told me to do what ever it took to save the little dog. We called the owner and five minutes later we were at the man's house. When we arrived I was appalled, the house was a filthy shack and the dog was placed in a small make shift pen that was made from screens tied together surrounding a pile dirt of which the dogs were laying on. He was in with another dog, A German Shepperd pup that also was badly malnourished to the point you could see all of its bones as well as the little white dog. The man came out gave us the little dog and some information about it. Apparently the German Shepperd had attacked the little poodle by latching on to his face and shaking him until he was limp but whimpering. The man also told us he didn't like the dog because it barked too much. The dogs name was Charlie but he had a new life now so he needed a new name. Chance, because everyone gave up on him but my boyfriend and I, we gave him a second chance the only chance. It took many surgeries to correct the numerous problems he had, some were fine but some he will live with for the rest of his life.

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