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Lola (Rest in Peace)

Mastiff | FEMALE | 6 YEARS OLD | Spring, TX

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: August 27, 2008


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Lola (Rest in Peace)

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How We Met?

Well, she was my grandpa's dog. And to tell you the truth at first I really didn't like Lola. She was mean and barked at me a lot. Until' one day she barked and me and I just ignored her. And I did this several days until' she stopped barking at me. Then to begin bonding to her I gave her treats and whistled or sang while I worked (I worked for my grandpa who is a dog trainer) in the kennel. She began to bond with me more and more until' we weren't afraid of each other anymore. I loved her and she began to love and respect me. Pretty soon I would be able to pet her but that never happened. We had to go down to Ft. Worth for a funeral and Grandpa said that later that night when we came home he was going to put Lola down. He said that if something happened to him what would happen to Lola and he thought she had a hip displacison or something. He said she cried a lot a night from the pain. So later on when mom, my uncle and I went to my grandpa's house another dog was in Lola's run. My heart slowed down. Then I realized Lola was gone. Later that night I took some puppies out to go to the bathroom. I saw a fresh pile of dirt and I knew it had to be her. I didn't cry. But I sure felt like it. Now I'm really sorry I hated her so much in the beginning. And always be careful of what you wish for.

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