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Ebi (Japanese for shrimp) #41784

Mi-Ki | FEMALE | 9 YEARS OLD | Horseheads, NY

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: September 26, 2007


My owner just created a new home page for me.

Ebi (Japanese for shrimp) #41784

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How We Met?

My owner saw me online at the same breeder she got Sissy. Charlie was marking and wouldnt stop so my owner's husband gave ultimatum on Charlie and Sissy was very lonely without Charlie and she was too, and So I became an Annniversary gift from my owner's husband. Their anniversary was Sept 22 and the 25. They were divorced but got remarried. So they celebrate both of them. He didnt want another male to mark the house so I became Sissy's friend and my owner's new puppy. I know they miss Charlie and I would never want replace Charlie but I am glad I am here and that they love me.I am also glad that Charlie has a great home. And the new owners got a great deal with Charlie. He is not marking anymore without Sissy around. I guess he loved her too much.. and my owner paid lots of money and put out lots of love for Charlie. And they got him for free. I know they both still miss Charlie and haven't heard how he is doing in such a long time. They hope he is doing great. They sure wish the new owners would let them know once in a while. People can be so cruel sometimes. I am going to be on the good side of Bruce as I don't want to end up like Charlie. But I don't think my owner would let him do it to her anymore. I would have really liked to have met Charlie. Everyone says he was so nice. I am nice too. I know they miss Charlie but I know they love me too. I sure wish the new owners would at least send us a pic once in a while. Maybe they will someday.

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