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Miniature Pinscher | FEMALE | 11 YEARS OLD | Charlotte, TN

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I had been without a dog for five years and saw a shining star one night. I wished that the next morning we would go to the Animal Shelter, and sure enough we did. We could only get a small dog, because we lived in housing and she was the only one available. My mom said she would have to think about the dog, but I wanted her sooo bad, so I begged my dad for her. After a while of convincing, he fnally gave in and I was the proud new owner of a Min-Pin. The shelter staff kept giving us excuses that she was a bad dog, would bite, and tear up the furniture. Come to find out they were going to give her to a drunk guy who was coming to get her, as soon as he got out of the barracks. I already knew she had been abused before and didn't want her being abused any more. So I told my dad I knew she wasn't like that and he told the staff he did't care and was going to adopt her. And sure enough after we had her for a week, none of that stuff ever surfaced.

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