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Miniature Schnauzer | MALE | 11 YEARS OLD | O'Fallon, MO



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Fritz was born to a puppy mill dog. He was then sold to a Pet store where he lived for the first six months of life. I use to visit this pet store on a regular basis and became very interested in this particular schnauzer. Over the course of three months I noticed he was losing hair and his coat looked greasy. The store employees assured me that he was fine. Several weeks later, I returned to the store and asked about the schnauzer that had previously been there and was told they moved him to the back of the store because some customers were complaining about the way he looked. When I saw him again, he had lost more hair and his skin was red and inflamed. I asked the clerk what was wrong with him and was told he had allergies. To make things worse, he had been placed in a cage that was too small for his size and now he couldn't even stretch out. They had a sign on his cage for $400.00. I told the clerk that no one in their right mind was going to pay $400.00 for him and asked if they would go lower. The employee called the owner and he agreed to sell him to me for $200.00 as long as I would agree there wasn't any type of health guarantee. I agreed and left with this miniature schnauzer that had patches of hair missing, skin that was red and inflamed to the point that some parts of his skin were bleeding from being scratched. I immediately took him to my vet and after tests; I was told he had sarcoptic manage. Fritz was placed on antibiotics for three months and required oatmeal baths every day or two for two months. Once Fritz started feeling better, he became what I called him "Wild Man". He had so much energy that he couldn't contain himself. After following all the treatment recommendations, I decided that Fritz needed more training than I could perform. I took Fritz to a training program where he lived for 3 weeks. Fritz learned to contain his energy and mastered all of the basic obedience commands. Fritz had been transformed into a well mannered dog. Fritz progressed so well that I decided to enroll him in the canine good citizen program where he passed with flying colors. Fritz has far surpassed all of the neglect and abuse he suffered in that pet store. Fritz has truly accomplished and overcome the terrible abusive beginning he endured as a puppy. I personally couldn't be any prouder than I am of my baby Fritz.

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