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Brad *124353*

Mixed Breed | MALE | 27 YEARS OLD | Rochester, NY

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: February 18, 2009


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Brad *124353*

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How We Met?

First let me tell you about My Brad When we decided to buy a house my Husband said I could get a dog ......So my Mom & I went to a dog rescue and they had tons of dogs. we went by one cage and this poor matted mutt looked up at me wagging his tail..... I said I'll take him lets go. so we paid the lady $30.00 and left. when I got him home my husband said what did you bring home??? Brad was such a mess. the next day I took him to the Vets, and found out he had a bad eye. we had his eye remove updated all his shots, got him fixed & fattened him up. he went to the groomers and got a nice medicated bath and we had him shaved after a month has was on the right road to happiness we figured he was 1-1/2 or 2 at the time we got him. we had him him for 16 years, lost him at age 18. it was hard but it was for the best. he was very confused and a little lost and seemed very sad. but for 16 years that dog was at my side. good times, sad times, you name it. he was so intune with my feelings. we were like one. he could tell when i was on my way home! I was down with a bad back, he NEVER left my side. I am very lucky to have had such a dedicated dog in my life. I could go on & on about how wonderful he was but you get the idea. Brad was my little HERO & I miss him bad.

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Dog Channel Breed Warz Award Club Dog Honoree American Mutt-i-grees Club Dog Wag Warz Winner

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