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Jake 9-26-01 to 11-21-12

Mixed Breed | MALE | 14 YEARS OLD | Lake Worth, FL

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: December 12, 2009


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Jake 9-26-01 to 11-21-12

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How We Met?

Back on Sept 26, 2003 a friend, a real estate agent called me at work because he was showing a foreclosed home and found a dog tied up in the backyard. The neighbors confirmed that the dog had been there for about a month and the owners never came back. So I went with my brother and another friend and rescued the dog out of the backyard. He was so stinky and dirty but so happy to get out of that yard. His first meal was a steak dinner. Named him Jake and got him checked out, he tested positive for Heartworms so he had to go thru that harsh treatment, but he survived. Jake is still skittish from whatever he went thru with his previous owners, but we are working on his confidence and he is making progress.

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teddy Jake, We meet on the day before you went to the rainbow bridge. Seeing you laying there, I could tell you were so gentle in your own way. Your beautiful eyes just talked for you. I have heard some many great stories about you from your mommy. She loved you very much and will never forget all your love you shared with her and your Daddy. You are a beautiful baby!!! You will never be forgotten!!!

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