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Mixed Breed | FEMALE | 15 YEARS OLD | Monmouth, IL

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: December 18, 2009


My owner just created a new home page for me.


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How We Met?

The Animal Control officer had found me eating out of the neighborhood trashcans again and when he asked a man standing nearby if he knew who I belonged to, the man answered, "Yeah, she's mine but you can take her. I don't want her." So off to the dog pound I went. Lucky for me, young fellow came in looking for a dog to have as his first pooch and soon I found myself living out in the country with lots of room to run. I could go as far as I wanted because there were no fences around the yard. When my guy would leave for work or school for the day, I'd take to roaming the countryside... and the four-lane highway. It seemed more interesting on the other side of the highway where a number of dogs lived so I trekked across the the busy road to hang out with the neighbors. It didn't take them long to just expect my arrival about 8:30 everyday accept weekends. I was let in to nap by the fire with the other three dogs or munch at their food bowls when the tummy rumbled. Or when it wasn't. Afraid that I might get hit on the road, the youngest son in my daytime family walked me safely back home every evening. This routine went on for nearly a month before the young man asked if my daytime family would be interested in keeping me permanently. Turns out he didn't have the time for a dog and it was obvious I was quite happy with my daytime home. I've never gone back across that highway since. I like it on this side.

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