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Mixed Breed | MALE | 8 YEARS OLD | Fairbanks, AK

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: February 24, 2010


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After our 2nd dog died my family and I went looking in the pound to see if we could find another german shepard.(my mom loves them because they're obediant) My brother and I found Kobuk inside where most of the dogs were, and he wasn't barking at us or anything. He was laying down at the far end of his kennel. He was pretty big for a 1 year old but his coat was beautiful. He was very skinney, and you could almost see every bone in body. He just sat in his kennel and looked at us like he was smiling. He came up to me and let me pet him. When my brother came over he looked at me and then let my brother pet him. He wouldn't let anybody else touch him but us. So we brought him into the petting room. He was calm and quiet. He knew sit,laydown,and paw. Mom liked that. We loved him so much and we were tired of looking for a dog because we were looking for about 2 months. Mom didn't like him because he was malamute but I talked her into buying him. Not only did we get a new dog, but we also saved him from being put down because that day we bought him, was his last day before they had to put him down. His name was Tork. But we re-named him Kobuk because the name fits him better. He's healthy, fit, and gets exercise everyday for at least an hour a day. And we've put a lot of meat back onto his bones so he's a happy pup.

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