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angel candy poopse

Mixed Breed | FEMALE | 43 YEARS OLD | manchester, NH

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: September 9, 2010


My owner just created a new home page for me.

angel candy poopse

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How We Met?

grandma died, stepgrandpa could not keep me, so he brought me to grandma's family, where the kids loved me!

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Melian (In Loving Memory)

Melian (In Loving Memory) How are you doing? I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful day with lots of good food and good company. I wanted to stop by on the day before and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving but the DC was down! ;( __________________________________________________________________________________ And then I wanted to stop by on the day itself but we were too busy stuffing ourselves with stuffing. And then Friday my kitty brother won cotd. And then the weekend we were eating again, and so on…. Every day I told mama I wanted to blog but we didn't get a chance! __________________________________________________________________________________ And yet again we are burning the midnight oil as I finally persuaded mama that enough was enough. I didn't want to wait any longer! How was your celebration? Do you have all your Christmas stuff up yet? __________________________________________________________________________________ Can you believe that December starts tomorrow? This year has flown by. It's pouring rain here which I'm not too happy about. Mama was happy until she had to go out in it and feed the horses. She came back wet, dirty, and frustrated. hehe I did NOT help her. She's on her own in bad weather. __________________________________________________________________________________ I hope you're staying warm and keeping dry. Here's a vote for you!

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