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The rhyming dog page-read how we met

Mixed Breed | MALE | 5 YEARS OLD | Bangor, ME

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: January 18, 2011


My owner just created a new home page for me.

The rhyming dog page-read how we met

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How We Met?

This is the TRDP. we make a new ryme about dogs every week. we will put our ryme in the motto. we restart every monday.Plz only say 2 sentences.They do have to rhyme.And please don't repeat a word. (unless nessesary) example: read our first poem in the scrapbook. if the sentences don't rhyme we will send u a blog sort of like this: "Dear your name, Thanks for the rhyme,but "the non rhyming word" doesn't rhyme with "the rhyming word". we'll add the first part/second part to our motto. if u could, would u please change the word "nonrhyming word" to a word that rhymes with "rhyming word"? Thanx! TRDP" The rhyme always starts with two sentences(i start it) then the rest of dc can continue it. we will put our rhymes in the scrapbook,but if the rhyme is still @ the start(the first two sentences) we'll go for another week. When we do put the rhyme in the scrapbook we will put your name in too(if u don't want us 2 then plz tell us)so other dogs can c who it's by.So when u tell us a rhyme,plz tell us who left the rhyme so we know. Thanks so much and please enjoy. also if u would...plz tell ur friends about us.

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