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Shelby R.I.P

Mixed Breed | FEMALE | 21 YEARS OLD | Delano, MN

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: August 21, 2011


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Shelby  R.I.P

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How We Met?

i don't quit remember but we just put her down this past year ;( we just got another dog named Benny and he's really sweet and children friendly just like she was. everyone in my family loved her. she was the sweetest thing ever..... but her heart was failing and she was going threw a lot of pain so we had to put her down. The last day was the worst. knowing that soon we would only have fletcher, our other dog and how lonely he would be. once i touched her for the last time i knew i would never ever forget her. my eyes are even starting to water ;( i miss her sooo much. on with the story... so we said our last good bye and i remember my brother was just crying and crying. so we lowed her in the back of the car and my mom and dad drove away. After Shelby was gone fletcher NEVER went on my mom's side of the bed ( thats where Shelby would always sleep ) until.... recently when Benny our new dog was lying down and fletcher just went over and layed down right by him. :) so thats a happy thing :)

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