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In Memory of "Boo"

Mixed Breed | MALE | 12 YEARS OLD | Greenwood, SC

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: October 25, 2007


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In Memory of "Boo"

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How We Met?

Boo was one of 8 puppies born to a Sheppard Mix we owned. When he was about a week old he "squirmed" away from his mom and siblings. We had to pull a board up on the porch to reach him. His mama wouldn't take him back under the porch where the other pups were and we couldn't reach them from where the board was up. We brought his mama in the house to let him nurse and realized he wasn't sucking. (She knew he was probably going to die - I'm sure that is why she wouldn't take him back under the porch with the others) We fed him every 4 hours with a dropper - learned how to make him poop and pee after feedings. He became a real part of the family fast. He rode with me to take/pick daughter up from school and work. He went everywhere we went. He was honestly the GREATEST DOG IN THE WORLD!!! We came home from work in Oct. 2006 and he wasn't home. We rode all around the area - posted pictures of him with our phone numbers at all the area businesses and on utility poles and checked with the animal shelter daily to see if someone had found him and turned him in. He will always be loved and missed greatly by all of us.

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