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Buddy V.P. Mutt Club

Mixed Breed | MALE | 14 YEARS OLD | Gotha, FL

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: December 3, 2007


My owner just created a new home page for me.

Buddy V.P. Mutt Club

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How We Met?

The Story: Tina and Mike stopped by Petsmart one day in the fall of 2002 to pick up a light bulb for the fish tank. I was sitting at the storefront. I was 9 mo. old and wearing a powder blue homemade bandana w/bone print around my neck. My big brown eyes locked Tina's and it was love at first site! Tina asked the volunteer for my name. She also asked if she could walk me around the store and bring me back. The lady volunteer was so nice. She said, "Sure...take the leash!" She then commented about how long my eyelashes were. I flashed my eyes at Tina as she took my leash. Having never had a dog, Tina was smitten. She ran into Mike and asked, "Hey...what do you think of this guy?" Mike said, "He's nice." 3 hours later...Mike, me, Nellie and Tina left Pesmart and our lives have never been the same. WHO'S NELLIE? She's the cat that Mike adopted that day. Today, I have 5 cats siblings and 1 dog sibling named Ginger. Life is GREAT!

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