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Mixed Breed | FEMALE | 16 YEARS OLD | napa, CA

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: December 30, 2007


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the way she came to us makes me think that she is a true angle well it all started with our cat about 5 years ago wasent acting the same and my dad knew there was somthing wrong even thoe he hates cats i went to summer school and when my mom picked me up she said that we were taking the cat to the vet to be put down and after we did that about a hafe an hour later this dog showed up at my dads work shivering under a big construction truck and they got her out and took her into the shop and gave her something to eat that night he brung her home and she had her feet up on the dash lut me " " that is a big no no in my family and he lut her do it it was amazing and we gave her a bath and when i went to bed that night she jumped up on my bed and slept there ever sence she is there every night as close as she can get and i dred the day that i have to put her down but i know she will always be by my side through everything my heartbreaks and everything i know she will but thats along time from now her name is rosy she is the best dog in the whole world and i wouldnt give her up for anything

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