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Mixed Breed | MALE | 9 YEARS OLD | Clio, MI

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: January 10, 2008


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Kazoo was a present for my sister's 10th birthday, and a buddy for our Sunny. I found an add for him online, saying he was housebroken, good with cats, and had no behavioral issues. We went to get him, and my sister fell in love with him while we talked to the lady who runs the sanctuary; because she loved him, we couldn't change our minds when we found that he was not house broken, he always chased the cats, and he was a marker... also, he definately lacked the brains of our other dog. We wanted to take him, but he didn't sound quite right for us. We decided to foster him for a couple weeks, to see if he would work for us. After three days, he seemed to realize his behavior put us on the verge of taking him back, and he started trying to obey us. We saw how hard our sweet little guy was working, so we decided to keep him. Only then did we find out that he had been adopted and returned a couple times before. We really felt bad for him, and have committed ourselves to work with him ever since. He has had some encounters with our cats that made him respect them, and has finally learned the meaning of the word no, as well as his own name (he had the same name at the shelter, but didn't know it; our other dog learned that Kazoo meant him before he did). He is also housetrained now. We are very proud of his progress, and I don't know how we ever lived without our darling little Papillon- American Eskimo mix, and I know he loves us too.

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